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It is quite possible that Bill Clinton will become the husband of the President of the United States, so we’ve got some questions as this is uncovered territory…

Typically the “first lady” is known for her fashion statements, her promotion of a non-political cause, her organization and attendance of official ceremonies and state functions, and most importantly, as the White House hostess.

As we can only imagine, a lot will change if a man becomes the first “first lady,” so how exactly will this new role play out? We’re leaving it up to Bill to answer these questions, as no one knows how hard it is to be a “first lady” than a president himself.

Name Change

Is Bill still a first lady even though he is a gentleman? Would he prefer first husband, first partner, first person, first response? The possibilities are endless…


What will Bill’s fashion statement be? Will he be known to pop the collar, wear wild ties, leave his shirt untucked? We’re all anxiously awaiting to see what gown he picks for the inaugural ball.



What cause will Bill decide to back, or does he get a break from this requirement? After all, he did spend the better part of the ‘90s backing a lot of causes. Maybe he can focus on gender roles as this White House, if elected, will sure be defying a lot of them.


We’re all looking forward to seeing the 42nd president become the hostess with the mostest. Just one quick question, will the invitation read, “President Hillary and President First Lady Bill Clinton invite you to join them in celebration…,” or will it say, “The Presidents, Hillary and First Lady Bill, Clinton…?” Either way, that calligrapher better be paid overtime for all that extra lettering.

Event Planning

So Bill, do we go with the lilies or the roses? White table cloth or black? Band or DJ? Chicken or Fish? You’ve got to think long and hard about these big decisions because Hillary will be making enough decisions of her own to make yours for you. Plus, she’s already done this once through and I’d imagine would not want to endure this again.


Picking Out the China

Will he go for a traditional blue floral print, or just say screw it and order a set of plastic forks, knives, spoons, and paper plates? Maybe he should allow his daughter, Chelsea, to assist him in this decision because as long as it’s vegan and edible, we don’t think Bill really cares what plate (if any) it comes on.