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Weather:  We’re pretty sure April showers are supposed to bring May flowers – not the other way around. It’ll be in warm with highs in the low 70s, but with all this rain we continue to drown in, the only thing you’re gonna need this weekend is an Ark.

Awesome events you can attend this weekend: Check out Off the Cuff – an amazing new pop up here in DC; Hit up the Virginia Gold Cup; Be sure to see the “Wonder” exhibit at the Renwick Gallery; Cure your hangovers at the Bloody Mary festival; All you winos should get to Vinofest on Saturday. 


The Washington Examiner’s latest scoop:

Jamie McIntyre’s Daily On Defense

Delivered to your inbox each weekday morning by 7am, Daily On Defense features news and analysis for the defense and national security professional. Edited by our newly expanded defense team: Jamie McIntyreDave Brown, and Jacqueline Klimas.

Don’t miss this must-read – get it at: washex.am/DoD


Few people can take a selfie, tweet, Instagram and snapchat… all at the same time. Katy Ricalde does it like it’s her job – because it is.

We sat down with Katy to talk about her gone – but not forgotten – pageant days, the weirdest thing she’s done for Bret (it involves a bag, an airplane and TSA), and rabbits and raccoons. Weird, right? Let’s just say we had a whale of a time.


Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 1.23.33 PM


But really… is Paul Ryan running for pres?; Now this is a good dogHello 2016! A year where Republicans aren’t fighting for their candidate, their fighting against him; What the hell is Al Gore up to these days?; Another new Radiohead track (h/t Alex Finland); It’s our favorite week of the year: Teacher Appreciation Week. Thank you to every single teacher that has helped us over the years; We love moms.


If Johnny’s Half Shell is moving to Adams Morgan, where is C-SPAN going to drink?; Bryce Harper <3 Under ArmourGo home metro, you’re drunk; DC has crabsThese baby beavers are LITERALLY EVERYTHING; It’s going down: Capitol scaffolding editionDonald Trump, José Andrés and the death of a grand Washington restaurant. 


Kicks in Candyland

Oh, What a Night

Life on the Campaign Trail: Digital Director 

Talk Derby To Me

FamousDC – May

Retail’s Night Out!

Slacks From Hillary 


The last presidential debates are finally here.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Trump vs. Hillary this fall. Can you imagine a better set of presidential debates? The passion, the issues, the opportunity for jokes on Twitter – these could be the most epic set of presidential debates in history.

That’s why FamousDC is headed to the first and last presidential debate with two events the night before each – in Dayton Ohio on September 25 and Las Vegas, NV on October 18, 2016. We’ve championed the debate space with eight past presidential debate events over the course of the cycle. Our partners have been part of rare, one-on-one conversations and have moved their messaging and initiatives across a wide group as a result of joining up with FamousDC for these pre-debate events. As November moves near, so do the last opportunities for organizations to exercise a strategic communications effort on the road to the White House.

Want an invitation? Find out more info and submit your request here.

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Famous birthday wishes to Caelyn Mastracchio, Ben Droz, Andrew W. Smith, Lisa Kramer, Emily Wilkinson, John Scofield, Matt Kriteman, Spencer Pederson, Jackie LaBine, Katie McMinn Campbell, Rob Saliterman, Vincent Harris, Nic Lott, Sarah Downs, Phil “Mad Eye” Moody, Charlie Lent, Matt Riggi, Emma McDowell, Margaret Mugel, Hilary Epes, Jess Graves, Mike LaValle.


“So Carly Fiorina joined the campaign just in time to lay everyone off.”

Kevin Robillard


Gindy’s got some sweet kicks; David Litt has the jokes; Laura Sheehan got her teenage wish; Matt Kriteman speaks Russian on TV; Wes and Vince are at it again; We get a lot of emails from Jim DeMint; Connor Walsh has had a vocal week; Congrats to Sara and Shannon Croom on three years of marriage; Ben Sasse is slaying the Twitter game; Don’t let Mark Borelli comment on your Facebook posts; Biggest high five to Emily Tillett for being one hell of a FamousDC follower; Will Amy Smith handicap the Derby picks this weekend?; Salena Zito is the cat lady; Mike and Ethan Dunkle run faster than pigs fly; Diane Rinaldo making big moves from House Intelligence over to the SAP government affairs team; Thank you, Paul Edattel, for sharing amazing pictures of your adorable kids, we love them; Charlotte Savercool is sharing some SOUL and we are so appreciative; Ian Martorana doesn’t mess around, he orders a treinta at Starbucks; Taz Jones worked a 16+ hour work day AND made his 6am flight; Huge high fives and thanks to Mission Dupont and El Rey – your tequila is strong and your hospitality even stronger. You throw a damn good Cinco de Mayo party. Thanks for having us!; Kathryn Lyons is really good at drinking, even on Mondays; It’s a tough call between Hammer Lenahan and Riley Haley for best dog in DC; West Palm living must be nice, Samantha Smith, Hallie Williams, and McRae Lenahan. Stop sending us photos; Good luck and Godspeed in Ohio for Senator Portman, Mike Haidet! You make us all proud. 


Congratulations to Lauren Levinson on her new position as Vice President of Communications at PhRMA; Amanda Wills and Brian Ries – both senior staffers at Mashable – are departing the media and entertainment company for new adventures at CNN. Amanda will join the network as Senior Editor on the Digital News Desk and Brian will serve as a Senior Producer on CNN’s Social Publishing team. Amanda and Brian will both be based in New York; Eron Shosteck has joined the American Council of Trustees and Alumni as their new Director of Communications. 


Go give Mom a hug.