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It’s beginning to look a lot like Trump vs. Hillary this fall. Can you imagine a better set of presidential debates? The passion, the issues, the opportunity for jokes on Twitter – these could be the most epic set of presidential debates in history.

Bob Cusack at the Hill agrees these debates are going to be straight fire:

That’s why FamousDC is headed to the first and last presidential debate with two events the night before each – in Dayton Ohio on September 25 and Las Vegas, NV on October 18, 2016. We’ve championed the debate space with eight past presidential debate events over the course of the cycle. Our partners have been part of rare, one-on-one conversations and have moved their messaging and initiatives across a wide group as a result of joining up with FamousDC for these pre-debate events. As November moves near, so do the last opportunities for organizations to exercise a strategic communications effort on the road to the White House.

This bipartisan event will feature FamousDC’s classic style: cool cocktails and the hottest spot in town. The atmosphere and the charged last moments of the 2016 cycle will prime conversation with political heavyweights, national media, presidential candidate staff, party staff and more of DC’s influencers. Healthy attendance from all of these groups is the norm as FamousDC is the established winning events team at each debate. We work behind the scenes to give your team the chance to make the most of this opportunity, with additional consultation on approach and communications strategy.

Want an invitation? Find out more info and submit your request here.