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Weather:  Alright, it’s still April so all this watery stuff falling from the sky and the 50-60 degree temperatures all weekend are still somewhat acceptable…maybe. Those May flowers better be epic.

Awesome events you can attend this weekend: The Famous Maggie Rose will be at 9:30 on Saturday night; Head over to Georgetown for DC’s favorite French Market; If the rain holds off for a while, enjoy a picnic in the park at the National Cathedral Grounds; Ocelot Brewing is having a party in celebration of their 1 year anniversary; Check out the interactive architectural installment “Raise/Raze” in Dupont. 


So here’s the deal: at the end of every month we’re going to give you our unsolicited commentary on what happened during said month. From politics and pop culture to pretty useless information, you’ll be able to find it in our Monthly Round Up. (you don’t have to tell us how creative the name is, we already know.)

Without further ado, we present to you: The month of April.


Wicked burn, Boehner. Props; Welcome to the draft, ladies; Chris Christie attended a Bruce Springsteen concert wearing a tie! No wonder he lost; Things seem to be going well in Cleveland; Gannett is offering the big bucks; Mike Tyson for Trump’s VP?; Atlantic City is taking the heat.


Justice Ginsburg will call you out; “Current fence simply is not adequate for a modern era”; DC paid more in federal taxes than 22 states last year; Waka Flocka Flame: “She loves me. I’m a great player.“; Behind the scenes at DuPont UndergroundGoodbye Bistro Francais82 year-old former Caps announcer still rides the Metro to almost every home game; Who got a Teddy window cling?


Kentucky Society of Washington: Derby Talk

Famously Quoted: This Time Boehner Takes a Turn

Fashionably Famous: WHCD 2016 Edition

Instagram Takeover – Hurd on the Hill

Correspond This, White House

Breaking News: Ted Cruz Has Something To Say

Mike Robinson


Famous Five – Emily Miller

She may look all cute and petite, but don’t let that fool you. The girl’s got guns – literally.


Famous birthday wishes to Robin Epes, Casco Smith, Nick Donovan, Adam Law, Reuben Morrison, Lindsey Anne, Abi Stark, Brett Jay, Andy Wynkoop, Tucker Jennings, Raphael Durand, Erica Lydon, Victoria Nortz, Jason Tabaczynski, Matt Colfax, Steve Gemmiti, Colin Wilhelm, Cody Parrish, Dan Dauplaise, Matt Hittle, Travis Hite, Carrie Giddins Pergram, Robert Le DeMoss III, Jake Braunsdorf, Rebecca Heisler, Kristene Blake.


“Just a reminder: Ted Cruz still hasn’t denied being Lucifer.”

Jennifer Bendery


Noelle Clemente, VP of Bryant Row, just took writing the “2016 presidential race process story” to a whole new level; Hashtag award of the week goes to Wendell White for #nevermarkdown; Who will star in Jimmy Walsh’s upcoming biopic?; Adrian Carrasquillo’s election metaphor is one of the best from 2016; Doug Farrar entertained the Queen; Ben Droz will talk to pretty much anyone; Loren Aho read DC’s snowfall totals with his mind; The Hungry Lobbyist should definitely audition for Gordon Ramsey; Sam Morgante loves planes more than we’ll ever love anything; Happy birthday, Rachael Dean! Kudos for the Teak Wood reservation, Eric Wilson; Congratulations to the Croutons – Rachel Rauscher and Clayton Cox – on your engagement!; Amos Snead is surviving Baltimore and a foreign country all in one week; Heads up: Paige Gress and Taz Jones will probably be hungover when they read next week’s Round Up; Kathryn Lyons and Lauren Hagen received a “delicious rejection” from the Daily Caller this week. Their loss; Does anyone in Washington like Ted Cruz?; It’s almost Lisa Kramer’s birthday. May the Fourth be with you; Ask Mary Stewart Bell about Reba McEntire; Congratulations to the Energy and Commerce Committee for surviving a 22-bill multiple-day mark up; Philip Bump ain’t buying what POLITICO Jim is selling; Congrats to Leah Harrelson Graham on the birth of her baby girl; Vincent Harris slightly disagrees with Former Speaker John Boehner; Phill Herndon stopped by NJI Media and signed their phone booth; Chris Frates loves a good cheesesteak; Chris Taylor says the lemonade numbers don’t add up. Is he right?; We’re living vicariously through Blair Milligan Kossen this weekend; Geoff Embler is killing the game at DC Improv Comedy Club #FollowYourDreams; Stay strong WHCD Weekend Warriors. Marathon, not a sprint; Tell Nick Schaper and Mary Leschper congratulations; Bring back a sombrero for us David Almacy; Congrats on 5 years at Hilton Chris Brooks; Morgan Gress is seriously cool; Call Robert Ransom if you need an awesome kitchen; Your socks are awesome Paris Dennard; Congrats for making your first MSNBC appearance Daniel Lippman; Did you find a plumber Jen Riedinger?; Watch out, Hallie Williams – that shot is on fire; Caitlin Conant was really, really tan in college; Brittany Brammel does not have any Uber discount codes; Matt Haller is looking for the talent line; The Lippmanns were our favorite couple last night; John Tass-Parker had a terrible beer; Christopher Gindlesperger is always a treat; We love it when Michael Kelly drops by; Ben Jenkins rocks; We see you Matt Laslo; Nika Nour may not mind if you’re sick; Robbie Myers is everywhere; Austin Carson is everywhere else; Anton Vuljaj crushed it; Lauren French is a champion; Kevin Sheridan knows the importance of line refreshments; Alex Skatell looked sharp; Kelly Cohen is stunning; We’re on Team Bonjean; We like your style Kate Glassman Bennett.


David Popp made big moves and joined the Senate as the Communications Director of the Majority Leader, Mitch McConell; Congratulations to the National Confectioners Association for having the first ever WHCD Snapchat geofilter, a fact verified by the Snapchat team; Congrats Josh Elliott on your “CBS This Morning” debut; Rebecca Gale joins the Economics and Statistics Administration at the Department of Commerce as their new press secretary; CNN Politics welcomes Juana Summers to the team; Scott Baker is continuing his career path and leaving The Blaze; The Atlantic has gained Alex Wagner from MSNBC to fill the Senior Editor position; The National Geographic Society adds Emma Carrasco as their chief marketing and communications officer; Alex Conant is soon to join an envoy from the US State Department for a two week media and public speaking tour around Australia. Alex was personally selected to join the tour; Brittany Brammell departs the campaign lifestyle to join Uber’s Communications and Federal Affairs team in Washington; Michaela Pereira is leaving CNN where she has co-anchored New Day, and moving back home to the West Coast and anchor her own program on CNN’s sister network, HLN; Eric Wilson is soon to leave Washington for a 2 month stint in Australia, where he’ll lend his political and digital expertise to local campaigns currently underway; High five to Chris Parinello, Lora Snyder, Candace Vahlsing, Matt Kellogg, Catrina Rorke, and Jackie Weidman, for being among The Hill’s 10 rising stars in the energy and environment world.


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