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Chris Cooley is getting ready for the season by eating everything in his cabinet. Deadspin’s Barry Petchesky shows us the yummy goodness. Meanwhile, it has been two years and Tanner Cooley still hasn’t answered his Famous 5 questions.

This is harsh and we didn’t want to put it up, but Tanner Cooley won’t even email us back. Tanner – it’s been a year. Your move.

Shaun Suisham [all points] Marion Barry [bad year] Arugula [BeyondDC] Picture Day [official] Vests [style]

Mad at the Redskins? Lost a few bucks on the game? Thinking about writing a mean email to Chris Cooley? That’s not really a good idea. Turns out Captain Chaos reads his email and posts the awful ones on his site AND in the Redskins locker room. Unless you want …

Jennifer Crider is taking some time off, Rob Bluey turned 3-0, Katie Harbath is getting her NRSC 2.0 on, Chris Cooley is our life coach – but Tanner Cooley is still playing hard to get, Mark Penn glamped his way into a little Wall Street Journal controversy, Kara Sidone and …

Chargers and Ravens football fans will enjoy this article by the Redskins All-Pro Tight End. Chris Cooley: Monday Morning Quarterback: Smart Football With Peter King on his annual four-week summer vacation, Redskins tight end Chris Cooley graciously agreed to write today’s Monday Morning Quarterback column. I was very excited to …

Loudoun Valley Vikings [Cooley ] Hand holding [where’s my cape? ] Cheating on Blogger [twitter ] Shake Hands [LeBron ] Metro [etiquette ]

Tanner Cooley doesn’t like negative comments