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Mad at the Redskins?

Lost a few bucks on the game?

Thinking about writing a mean email to Chris Cooley?

That’s not really a good idea.

Turns out Captain Chaos reads his email and posts the awful ones on his site AND in the Redskins locker room.

Unless you want the entire Redskins nation coming after you, it is probably best to keep the haterade to your Fantasy Football Message Board.

Click here to read the moron’s email. Cooooooooley’s response is below.

Chris Cooley:  "Fan Mail"


First of all the letter is up in the locker room for the entire team to see.

Secondly, it’s amazing what a complete moron you are. You could never know what this team means to myself and my fellow teammates or the amount of work that we put into playing for the Redskins. For someone to say the Redskins didn’t play hard is a joke. You’re a joke and should be embarrassed to call yourself a fan.

Oh and by the way, I reserved your last name and email address, but I would be more than happy to post it tomorrow per your request. Also, if you really wanted to be accountable for your outstanding piece of literature, I would love a picture so we can all see your shinning face. 🙂

Thanks for the note,

Oh, and for the record: you can use emoticons if you’re an active Pro-Bowl NFL player.

We’re still waiting on you, Mr. Tanner Cooley .