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Jennifer Crider is taking some time off, Rob Bluey turned 3-0, Katie Harbath is getting her NRSC 2.0 on, Chris Cooley is our life coach – but Tanner Cooley is still playing hard to get, Mark Penn glamped his way into a little Wall Street Journal controversy, Kara Sidone and Rachel Racusen celebrated birthdays, the FCC announced plans to launch a social networking site, Patrick Gavin laid down some new rules for gossip reporters, The Factor got his astronaut on, The Lion left the den, Tom DeLay is back from Hollywood and back at the dance studio, Ponnuru is packing his boxes, John Randall is over-worked, the DNC’s merry pranksters welcomed back the beautiful Hari Sevugan, the Public Affairs Council launched their blog, and tell Steve Dutton and Marty Kady happy birthday today.