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An excellent photo of the Georgetown Waterfront at sunset by Jason Vines.

A relative newcomer to the FamousDC Flickr Photo Pool, Z. Lewkowicz has been knocking it out of the park with a bevy of well-treated, well-framed shots.  His photo, taken at DC Yards Park after a rainy day is stunning.

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Sunset at the Capitol from District Media on Vimeo.  

Sunset at the Jefferson Memorial by Navin Sarma

Two photos from last night’s amazing sunset. Photo by: Jeremy Art Photo by: Katie Harbath

At sunset, the sun reflects gold on the shimmering surface of the Air Force Memorial. For more of Navin’s images, check out his Facebook page, Flickr or follow him on Twitter(@navinsarmaphoto).

Sunset from the U.S. Capitol. August 1, 2011. (HDR Photo using Lightroom and Photomatix Pro) Photo by @BryantA