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#HEY Are you on the list? Are your friends on the list? We’ve got happy hours coming in September.

#NATIONAL Monkey selfies; That app Secret? It’s not so secret; So true we’re not sure how this made it on the Onion; Three words: mug of bacon; the White House is giving up making its coders dress like adults; College football starts next week!; Pharrell’s giant Grammys hat is coming to the Newseum; Get yourselves ready, WINTER IS GOING TO BE DAMN COLD; Frank Underwood pranks Hillary Clinton; RIP James Foley;

#DCINSIDER Peter Cherukuri is spending the weekend in Arizona; David Plouffe didn’t send an Uber to pick up Lachlan Markay; Chad Scarborough is on to a great idea – see you in six months; Grover Norquist served “Fracking Fluid” at a party this week; Who is Michael Ramlet?; We wish Julia Williams a speedy recovery;

#BIRTHDAY Wish Bianca Prade and Ali McSherry happy birthday today; Wish Jack Barger a happy birthday week;

#DISTRICT Before Ferguson 2014, there was Mount Pleasant 1991; MAH: Pygmy Goat Found in NE DC near Costco; Calling all wonks: Test your DC knowledge with a census quiz; This is awesome: Chuck Brown Park vs. Other Musical Memorials; @Teddy26Nats got the #IceBucketChallenge. GO@Nationals!; This sunset over Nationals Park is A+; Can’t make this sh*t up: SIGN THIS SHARKNADO PETITON; Man named Stoner busted for pot in VA; Play hooky and visit the Corcoran for free!; Who complains the most about hangovers? You guessed it, DC; DC plans 850-sq-ft., $200K kinetic pocket park at Dupont Circle; Tomorrow is Bao Bao’s Birthday– she turns 1! God we love her; DC vs. Musicians; SHOCKING: It’s expensive to live and play here; how cute are these people with their paper Metro Farecard rug?;  Uber will go to the convenience store for you; Bon Appetit names Rose’s Luxury best new restaurant in America – Aaron Silverman is the best!;  DC’s man JOHN WALL takes on the GREAT WALL; Help find Georgia, the lost hound dog; The residents of ‪#DC apparently passed a trust test…lolokay;

#DCEATS New Chef at Clydes; Saveur EIC Resigns; Jose Andres takes on the #ALSChallenge; RareSweets opening at CityCenter; Crumbs Bake Shop is being pulled out of bankruptcy: expect a re-grand opening soon; Jaleo Bethesda, 2 words: Unlimited Paella; Kapnos’ George Pagonis competing on Top Chef; Restaurant from Chef and Owner of Mintwood Place coming to Shaw to be called Convivial; Michelin-star chef Daniel Boulud brings his NYC eatery to Washington; Mellow Mushroom celebrates 40 years in Adams Morgan; Get your wallets ready, CityCenter set to add Salvatore Ferragamo and Hermes by the fall; Have you heard of KLINK DC? No? Do you even like to drink, bro?; We’re excited for #ATGFallClassic at Union Market, Sept. 13; DMV Food Truck Association launches its own awards; Who is enjoying DC Beer Week 2014?!; Fancy, huh? D.C.’s Most ‘Avant-Garde’ Speakeasies ; Good luck to those stumbling around Georgetown looking for Mr. Smith’s- it’s heading to K St (and you won’t find Chadwick’s after Aug 31 no matter how hard you try;

#CONGRATS Congrats to ‪@MatthewGagnon on his new job; Congratulations Pete and Burson Snyder; Kim Castro becomes U.S. News’ Executive Director of Consumer Advice; Tell Rachel Cothran congratulations on her new gig with the Georgetown Business Improvement District (BID);

#BYE Looking forward to the ladies of DC breaking out these sweet moves; summer is ending- we’ll be outside all weekend.

This roundup was brought to you by the Editors, SP+KC and Catherine Gatewood.