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Happy Movember! Ladies, get excited! It is finally November, a month in which men across our great nation, and our very own Capitol Hill, will exert their manhood and let it grow for a good cause. In the meantime, let’s look around the Hill and reflect on those mustachioed men (and unfortunately …

Please file this under headlines we’ve always wanted to write. Senator Reid & Lady Gaga.Twittering together. Only in America.

Reid spokesman Jim Manley waited until the last few minutes of work on this sunny Friday afternoon to bring out the zinger of the week. Huffington Post’s Ryan Grim: Unified GOP To Block Senate From Debating Wall Street Reform “Congratulations. I hope they feel good,” said Manley. “They’ve got 41 …

Who has the most to gain/lose over the next 24 hours? Mike Huckabee and President Obama Reid Wilson: Monday’s Starting Lineup

Our guess: “Just like Steel said: Look serious, concentrate, lean in for the shot.”

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