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Meet Navin Sarma. By day, he is a Client Executive at Hewlett Packard Enterprise here in Washington, DC. By night, (and any time of day he’s not in the office) he’s out capturing the beauty of our nation’s capital. Navin is one of those rare “lifers” born and bred in …

Contributed and authored by: Allie Erenbaum, a media and marketing student at American University. Instagram is a unique and diverse platform to find inspiration. Professional and amateur photographers get the chance to tell a visual story through the photos they’ve taken. The following account are just a few of the many …

Nathan Jones photographed one of the most beautiful bridges in DC, framing it beautifully in this awesome long-exposure photo. Nathan submitted this to the FamousDC Flickr pool.

Jim Havard took a beautifully exposed photo of the Capitol building all lit up with the “flower moon” in the background, and submitted it to the FamousDC Flickr pool.

This photo was expertly taken at dusk, capturing the Thomas Jefferson Memorial at the magic hour, through branches of cherry blossom trees.

DC has been so great to me over the past couple of years. I’ve been able to grow my passion for photography into a business and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without a little help from amazing people along the way. One such influencer is Ivory Zorich from the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA).

John Sonderman found the perfect photo perspective to show off DC’s current wintry vibes, including the snow that’s been sitting on the Potomac this week.

This isn’t just the same old #DCSunset, it’s perfectly framed, perfectly timed, and perfectly edited.

Kevin Wolf did it again: he took the non-memorable and ordinary in the DC are (in this case the Dulles Airport shuttle) and made it look magical in his photo. Bravo.

This adorable shot, snapped by Richard Barnhill and submitted to the FamousDC photo pool, captures so many time-sensitive happenings at once: the U.S. Capitol’s scaffolding, the frozen reflecting pool, and of course the moment between the man and the woman here itself. It’s a beautiful bit of cheer in gloomy midwinter.

Navin Sarma, a regular contributor to FamousDC, is having a grand opening in Washington, D.C. of his best photographs of the city next week in Georgetown. Check out the event details below and go check out his amazing work! Grand Opening: “DC: Impressions of Urban Nature” Wednesday, Oct 1, 6PM …

Photographer Navin Sarma submitted this photo of gorgeous evening light on the Capitol, saying almost in a whisper (if emails could communicate whispers), “Fall is coming.”

The photographer formerly known as Lorie Shaull a.k.a. Number7Cloud is famous around DC for her whimsical Little Heart Man photos, but recently she took a trip to Nationals Park and ended up with this interesting perspective.

D.C.-area photographers added their 4th of July photos to the FamousDC Flickr Pool. Here are our featured favorites from the group. Relive America’s birthday and check em out.

Posted to our FamousDC flickr group, Corey Clarke‘s photo of the golden glow over D.C. last night between and during heavy rains makes the District look like something out of a movie.