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Babington and Kellman report from inside the small and clubby Senate environment

Romney campaigns throughout the night [red bull]

Will this entice first time voters to the ballot box in November? Is this all “feel good” hope? Any policy in there? Does that help? Have we just seen the new politics for our generation? Where has Kareem been for the past few years? However you feel about Obama and …

Fiddy for Hillary “For President, I’d like to see Hillary Clinton…I just think she could do a good job. I mean Obama, ain’t nothing bad about Obama in my eyes either. I just think Hillary — that would be my choice.” Adding, “I’m not sure America’s ready to have a …

EE: Impeached Democrats for Hillary AP: Obama Gives Away Money Tied to Donor Ben Smith: “Not a bad night for returning some Rezko money. Maybe Hillary wishes she hadn’t worked so hard to own the news cycle.”

A Frosty Moment between Clinton, Obama

Kurtz: Team Obama is Courting Everybody But the Press

JoMa: Mitt rocks the guayabera shirt!

Ambinder: Ted Kennedy Will Stay on Fence, Probably (1/26) Ambinder: CBS News reports Kennedy will endorse Obama (1/27) Ambinder: Bloga Culpas: The Kennedy Endorsement (1/27) Mike Allen & Carrie Budoff Brown: Ted Kennedy Embraces Obama The Clinton campaign launched a last-ditch effort over the last few days to stop Kennedy’s …

Seelye: A Former President, Back in the Thick of Politics Bill Clinton: “I’m perfectly content to give her my advice.” As the campaigns pivot now to the nearly two dozen states that vote on Feb. 5, Mr. Clinton is being deployed to Missouri while Mrs. Clinton works Tennessee.

Hewitt: Mr. Speaker, a lot of people would love to see you in the number two slot on the ticket. Are you open to that?

Politico: Kimora Lee Simmons Endorses Hillary Clinton Hotline: The Highly Coveted Kimora Lee Simmons Endorsement

Obama’s Top Ten on Letterman

Noonan:  Clintons Are “Tearing” Democrats Apart

Akers: Clyburn not undecided, but undeclared Clyburn said he doesn’t really see Obama as the “black candidate” polls are making him out to be. If anything, Clyburn argued, Obama is the white candidate.