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JoMa: “Global Warming Fades From McCain’s Stump Speech”

NY Times endorses Obama and McCain Ambinder: “This will no doubt not help McCain.”

Clyburn to Clinton: “He needs to chill a little bit.”

Cillizza: Clinton vs. Obama Obama, “… felt the pinch of Ronald Reagan’s economic policies as a community organizer even as Clinton was serving as a “corporate lawyer on the board of Wal-Mart.” Clinton, “…fought for economic justice when you were representing your slum landlord Rezko.” Clinton, “I am used to …

Rahm runs from endorsement talk while brother Ari bashes Hillary

White House race looks past February 5 Heated Exchange at Romney Stop Bloomberg vows to cut NYC taxes, if he can Romney Criticizes Rivals’ Lobbyists Ben Smith: Obama for Veep? Ambinder: Nevada’s At-Large Precincts Ruled Legal Cillizza: Rangel: Clinton Will Overcome “National Perceptions” A Rare Chelsea Comment

Rahm hides under desk when asked about Clinton or Obama for White House

“Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, and welcome aboard the maiden flight of Hil Force One. My name is Hillary and I am so pleased to have most of you on board. “And in the event of an unexpected drop in poll numbers, this plane will be diverted to New Hampshire.”

Pershing: Clyburn Says Focus on Race Issues ‘A Shame’ AP: Clyburn:Time to End MLK Dustup O’Connor: Clyburn tries (again) to defuse race controversy

Under oath, Bloomberg dodges White House run query Bloomberg, who was a longtime Democrat, switched to the Republican Party to run for mayor in 2001. He won twice, spending more than $150 million of his own money, then dropped his party affiliation in June last year.

Ambinder: Clinton’s Let’s All Come Together Statement UPDATE: Moments later this transcript surfaces — Clinton proxy Charles Rangel calls Barack Obama “absolutely stupid” for attacking Hillary Clinton for remarks she made about President Lyndon Johnson and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

 Weisman: McCain Faces Payback From Old GOP Foes

Clinton adviser charged with DWI in NH Fred Thompson relying on radio roots for SC Primary JoMa: Mitt pins hopes on home state to save him The Democrats try, but fail, to transcend race BET Founder Bob Johnson Criticizes Obama Clinton Courts Hispanic Vote in the West Minority Vote Moves …

Rothenberg vs. Cillizza Stu: “Too many observers, I’m afraid, seem to think that every campaign development is important and changes the political equation,” write Stu. “Even smart people, like Chris, who will tell you that most endorsements by individual members of Congress don’t matter much, get swept along with the …

Meet the Press: Hillary Clinton. Face the Nation: Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee Fox News Sunday: Rudy Giuliani. This Week: Sen. John Kerry. Newt Gingrich. Late Edition : Romney, Huckabee and Fred Thompson C-SPAN’s Newsmakers: South Carolina Gov. Mark Sandford will be interviewed by Politico’s Charles Mahtesian and McClatchy’s James …