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It’s unclear as to what was going through Hillary’s head tonight during the final Democratic debate, but one thing was made certain … Senator Clinton needs more sleep. After a lengthy and lively 16 minute discussion on healthcare, Brian Williams decided it was time to turn the discussion to NAFTA. Hillary, unable to …

Clinton draws boos after commenting on Obama’s alleged plagiarized speeches

Amie Parnes: Follow the leader? Not necessarily….

JoMa: Obama not yet wise to Freak Show [ask Kerry how it feels]

Not Waiting: Hillary Clinton times her speech to pre-empt Obama’s Ambinder: Networks Interrupt Clinton For Obama      Ouch.

Real ‘Work’? Clinton Swipes at Chelsea’s Profession

When Will Hillary Drop Out? Obama Scores 1o to Zero With Big Win in Wisconsin

The Fix: Pining for JFK? From the very start of his campaign, Sen. Barack Obama (Ill.) has sought to draw parallels, subtle and not-so-subtle, between his candidacy and that of Kennedy. The similarities are real: both men had spent a relatively short time in public life before running for national …

Roger Simon: Clinton targets Obama’s PLEDGED delegates

RNC Outlines Obama Attack Plan Focusing on Barack Obama’s “inexperience” and “undisciplined messaging” are two ways to ensure that the senator from Illinois doesn’t get to be president, according to honchos at the Republican National Committee.

Obama “Swept Through The Chesapeake And Over The Potomac” .

Frank James:  Could Obama be Colin Powell’s choice? CNN Video: Powell undecided on candidates AFP: Colin Powell hints he may vote against Republicans AP: Colin Powell Advises Barack Obama on Foreign Policy (6/11/07)

Widespread Pride in the Senate Ain’t Life Grand

Obama agrees to two more debates with Clinton