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Avocado Lovers – Three restaurants embracing avocados #CheapDrinking! Orange is The New Black Fans – Check this out! Sorry selfie stick fanatics – Disney is saying NO! Got that American food craving? Try out these recipes!

Netflix is barreling over cable [in a big way] UnsuckDCMetro goes on the record [with an ABC interview] DC incomes of all levels [are falling behind rents] Secret Service crash near White House, [are accused of drunk driving] Photo by Brian DiCola submitted to the FamousDC Photo Flickr pool

All photos and party tips by Allison Cunningham In a city filled with a beautiful combination of Type-A party-planners and wonky politicos, this weekend felt like an early Christmas. As Netflix released House of Cards Season 3 in its entirety, winter-weary District residents hunkered down to watch the latest season …

Meet Michael Beckerman. He’s the President & CEO of the Internet Association, representing America’s leading Internet companies and their global community of users. He caught up with us today to let us know more about the Internet Association’s First Annual Congressional Internet Freedom Award. This is important if, for example, you’d like House of Cards to continue streaming at a high quality, or if you want to show off your collection of animal gifs in an email to your mom. Read on here.

Save for those cherished tie-free days during recess, a gentleman’s dress code on the Hill requires sporting a necktie of sorts.  And let’s admit it, the same old ties can get boring day-in and day-out. Thank goodness, there’s a solution to all your necktie (and Father’s Day gift) woes. And …