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All photos and party tips by Allison Cunningham

In a city filled with a beautiful combination of Type-A party-planners and wonky politicos, this weekend felt like an early Christmas. As Netflix released House of Cards Season 3 in its entirety, winter-weary District residents hunkered down to watch the latest season of all things Underwood.

As everyone wraps their minds around all that occurred in Season 3 and begins praying to the tv gods for a Season 4, FamousDC wanted to share tips for whichever binge watch party you might host in the meantime. So here we have FamousDC’s Famously Bingeworthy Watch-Party Tips.

Stick to a Theme


House of Cards and DC are a match made in heaven. Pick some of your favorite partisan decorations such as these napkins from Groovy Cards and Gifts in Eastern Market, and use red, white, and blue plastic-ware to save yourself from washing dishes afterwards. Besides, if you don’t keep your house stocked with patriotic party supplies, you’re doing it wrong.

Being that I married a proud South Carolinian, we had plenty of Palmetto State accessories to utilize. If you don’t have palm tree serving plates, feel free to stick to a color-coordinated theme. Have guests choose red state or blue (in #ThisTown, people will naturally gravitate to one or the other).

Eat the Right Food


Francis Underwood’s South Carolina ties make it easy to plan a brunch-turned lunch-turned dinner menu. Of course, the main course should be a rack of Freddy’s ribs. If you’re are lucky enough to have a resident barbecue nut in your home, go all-out on slow-smoked BBQ ribs. If you’re not living with an amateur pitmaster, go online and find a recipe for oven-cooked pork ribs (though go for a recipe with a dry rub). Our watch party featured slow-smoked pork ribs which were quite the hit several episodes in.


Other South Carolina favorites include the perfect Southern pound cake, great casseroles, corn bread, and other goodies, potluck-style.


Pour a Stiff One

Grab a good drink, after watching Season 3, you’ll need one. We started out with mimosas and the world’s best bloody marys, served just down the street from the real-life version of the Sentinel. Charleston bloody mary mix is our go to for the first few episodes until White Russians felt more appropriate. We served our drinks in mason jars, another nod to the Underwoods’ Southern ties.



Have Fun With It

Whether you’re hosting a 60’s cocktail party for the series finale of Mad Men or bracing for a catch-up on the Walking Dead, grab some food, some friends, some decorations, and enjoy yourself. Thanks to all our friends who joined us for our House of Cards party this weekend, and a big thank you to Richie, who got up early and put in 8 hours to smoke those ribs.