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Washington DC definitely has a taste for every kind of cuisine and drink you can imagine. Whatever you are in the mood for, you can certainly find it! But what about the hidden dives, secret gems, and unknown true hot spots of DC? Well folks, here you have it! A list of DC’s top 5 watering holes unique to Capitol Hill.

Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz is doing more than just advocating democratic legislation on the Hill. She is promoting healthy eating too. She and 15 other Democratic National Committee staffers have started their own Vegetarian Lunch Group at the capitol where they share food, save money, and eat well. DC is …

White Castle set up shop at the Capitol where they had their own white tent and gave out lunch to hill staffers.

Jock Friedly is back. Erika Lovley: 2,000 Hill Staffers Make six figures

Politico’s Erika Lovley: House aides dish on unhappy meals “Our staff are dedicated employees and they can’t afford to eat every day downstairs,” Rep. Dutch Ruppersberger (D-Md.) told Beard during the hearing. “We should probably have at least one vendor like a Subway. Five-dollar footlong, five-dollar footlong — whatever.” Whatever …

Cloture Club: Ask Cloture Girl – December 13, 2009 Q: One of my friends got engaged after 7 months to someone he met on the Hill. Is this too soon? Do you recommend marrying “Hill people”? I’ve heard horror stories. –Worried in Georgetown See the answer here (2nd question)

Will readers of The Hollywood Reporter review The Hill’s 50 Most Beautiful of 2010? Could the hottest hill staffers turn heads in Hollywood? The owner of Capitol Hill newspaper The Hill is buying the Hollywood Reporter TheWrap: Hollywood Reporter Set to be Sold to ‘Who’s Who’s’ Finkelstein h/t Ted Hearn

Remember that blog Stuff Hill People Like? We do too.  When it was first discovered we laughed and mocked the clone-like behavior of hill staff  and secretly promised ourselves that we would never ever go to Tortilla Coast or clip our blackberries to our hips again. Since April the blog …