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Washington DC definitely has a taste for every kind of cuisine and drink you can imagine. Whatever you are in the mood for, you can certainly find it! But what about the hidden dives, secret gems, and unknown true hot spots of DC? Well folks, here you have it! A list of DC’s top 5 watering holes unique to Capitol Hill.

5. UnionPub

Located on Mass Ave, UnionPub is just the right place to sit down and watch the Nats game. 25 large screen televisions cover both their indoor and patio seating area, always giving you a first row seat to the game. They often feature live music and free events that offer food and drink specials such as free oysters and loaded Stellas. On any given day, you can choose a cold one from 35 different craft beers and enjoy a delicious meal from their extensive menu.

IMG_077114. Capitol Lounge

Cap Lounge is a DC gem located on Pennsylvania Ave and is home to many Hill staffers after a long day at work. They house a vast beer selection both bottled and draft along with mixed drinks and wine compatible with any of their kitchen items which features 25¢ wings specials on Tuesdays and $1 tacos on Wednesdays.

3. Tune Inn

This is a classic DC dive that never fails to bring you fantastic greasy bar food. Known for their burgers, fried chicken, and mouth watering home fries, venturing over to Tune Inn is a definite must. Drinks are always flowing and the old school persona really brings the crowd together.

2. Hamilton’s Bar & Grill

Fresh out of college, new to DC, or just looking for a crowd to make some new friends? Hamilton’s Bar & Grill is the place! Filled with young Hill staffers and fresh interns, this dive bar offers a large menu of pub food and $1.oo beer specials that you can buy in bucket sized bulk every Friday night. The price can’t be more right.

1. Beuchert’s Saloon

Residing in the Eastern Market area of Washington DC, Beuchert’s Saloon is a hidden gem that is hands down absolutely phenomenal and worth the trip. From fried egg grilled burgers to a full bar menu, this bar restaurant brings high quality service, exceptional cuisine, and an atmosphere that everyone can enjoy.