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Now that the election is over, we can all get back to the fun stuff – where to throw down this weekend. I’ve been on hiatus but am stoked that an exciting weekend awaits us here in DC. Let’s go!

Last night’s FamousDC/Resonate Countdown Until the Election Happy Hour was a great success as we near the final days of the election. Top of the Hill was jamming thanks to our amazing sponsors ResonateRoll CallStory Partners and NJI Media. Famously Spotted: Uber CEO Travis Kalanick, Doug Heye, Shira Toeplitz, Warren Rojas, Neda Semnani, Whitney Drew, Nick Holt, Rebecca Mark, Lara Aulestia, Peter Anthony, Rebecca Gale, Jacob Wood, Chris Frates, Audrey Jones, Brad Dayspring, Jeremy Art, Emily Mueller, Cathy Rought, Christina Salek-Rahm, Rick Poliska, Stuart Roy, Kim Weisenberger, Jeff Whitmore, Carly Baker, Christina Bellatoni, Scott Bissey, Chris Braddock, Emil Caillaux, Mike Calvo, Austin Carson, Frank Cavaliere, Corrie Davidson, Jay Dunn, Heather Federman, Andrew Foxwell, Aly Geisler, Pete Haviland-Eduah, Alyssa Hinman, Dejay Johnson, Chris Moody, Heather Bien, Peter Albrecht, Richard Cunningham, Kevin Fitzgerald, Melissa Chambers, Matt Ortega, Eric Shapiro, Shawna Thomas, Katie Stack, Amie Woeber, Brian Wohlert, Lauren Pratapas, Patrick Ryan, Rob Van Raaphorst, Dave Weigel , Meg Smith, Nicole Daigle, Joe Gizzi, Adam Johnston, Clayton Hanson, Kaylea Happell, Jon Fox, Jean Humbrecht, Steven Luckett, Andrew Kovalcin, Brittney Dunkins, Jim Billimoria, Georgette Spanjich, Julie Eckert, Rachna Coudhry,Austin Carson, David Karlsruher, Mike Lurie, Neal Patel, M. Harrison Boyd, Tom Donnelly and Elizabeth Borders. Big thanks to Celeste at Top of the Hill for helping organize the event and Patrick G. Ryan for taking photos last night.

Happy weekend everyone! The RNC is coming to an end and the DNC is preparing for its kick-off. If you aren’t going to be in Charlotte this weekend, I’ve got a great lineup for you in DC! Bonus: it’s Labor Day so enjoy your Monday off!

The middle of August has arrived dear friends, and it is time to enjoy another weekend in the DofC. From what my sources tell me, it’s a dead town right now, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty of trouble…er…fun to get into. Have at it!

In light of the upcoming DC Beer Week, we thought it would be best to have one of DC’s favorite beer aficionados weigh in. Below Bill DeBaun, a co-editor at, outlines some events to hit up and several tips for planning the best possible route to hops and happiness. Enjoy. DC Beer Week returns next week (August 12-18), and despite my liver’s protests, I’m looking forward to celebrating the people and places that make the DC metro area’s beer scene one of the best in America. Tastings, dinners, meeting the brewers, rare beers, local beers, hell, even a craft beer cruise on the Potomac will fill next week’s social calendar with malty, hoppy, sudsy goodness.

Goals for Good will be an annual event held to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Association right here in Washington, DC. Each year, the fight against Alzheimer’s disease becomes more critical. Every 70 seconds, a new individual is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. The Alzheimer’s Association is committed to finding a cure …