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It’s DC Pride Weekend so break out the beads and get ready to dance. Plus on top of that we’ve got a run down that will make you proud to live in this city so be prepared to have some fun over the next three days.

Nothing says get this party started like a three day weekend. For those of you staying in town, we’ve got a stacked weekend of very DC things to do. And bonus, a majority of it is free because that’s how DC summer rolls.

What, the weekend is here?! Well that certainly snuck up, but never fear as we’ve got your back with this weekend’s top things to do, see, drink and eat. BONUS: Monday night, head over to Top of the Hill to support the District’s own Pat Leahy and his kickstarter campaign for the documentary “Blind Lifter.” For more information on Leahy’s inspiring documentary encouraging kids with disabilities to stay physically active and join sports visit his website. Monday, May 20th: Top of the Hill – 6pm

Happy Hours! And so much more.

Gold Cup that is. But if you’re not feeling the printed sundress and mandatory ray-bans, no worries. You can slip into something classy instead for Ball on the Mall that night or just spend the entire weekend sipping margaritas because it’s Cinco de Mayo. Whatever floats your boat, we’ve got a little bit of everything for you this weekend. Shake it, DC.

Hopefully this will be the last coldish weekend and we can enjoy the end of April without the rain. With that in mind, we’ve laid out an excellent weekend for you to get the most out of our amazing city.

It’s time for a slow, easy-going weekend. That said, DC is never really slow so we’ve pulled out some great events that cause low stress levels. See you there.

Yes, you read that title right. We chose it because who doesn’t love all three? Even more so, who doesn’t love a weekend packed with all three? We’ve got a great, diverse lineup ready for you so get ready, set, weekend!

Something is happening this weekend where the food and local culture decided to explode. From new brunch spots to DC art to local musicians, we’ve got a line up that’s sure to give you a heavy helping of the best of DC this weekend.

Instead of shelling out your cash at the usual watering hole, considering welcoming Spring at the gorgeous Yards Park this Saturday to support local business, local music, and a great cause. Local favorites The B-Side Shuffle will once again be treating the District to their super funky mix of original tracks and covers this Saturday at Taste of DC’s Drink The District wine event at Yards Park. After a Living Social ad, the $30 all-you-can-drink tickets are nearly sold out for the 5pm to 9pm slot (12pm tickets are long gone), however you can still purchase one of the remaining few while supporting a worthy cause.

If you’re not busy watching the Daft Punk teaser, go to these shows in April. You gotta kill time until May 21st somehow. BONUS***Mr. Blonde is a 90s/2000s garage rock cover band. Breaking out nostalgia inducing hits from the likes of Weezer, Green Day, The Ataris and Jimmy Eat world, …

It’s that time of year: Cherry Blossoms, patios and Easter. Ok, so maybe patios are a few weeks off but that doesn’t mean we all can’t have a good weekend anyway before March ends. Even if one or two of the days might require gloves…

Even though there still may be a few flakes in the air, we can’t help but get excited for the warm weather and all the great things to do in DC that are just around the corner. With that, we decided to ask some of our FamousDC readers what their favorite thing is to do during spring in DC. Here’s what they had to say: All you can eat crawfish boils with Abita beer at @PearlDiveDC. –Kate Bennett Golf. –David Popp Best thing to do in DC in spring is harder to do every year – get a cheap ticket to a Nationals game and then spend the whole time in the centerfield bar. –Rick Klein Nats opening day! –Mindy Finn

Well not really, but in honor of the first weekend in spring we put together a good line up of events that will still keep you warm. Let’s jump right in.

ThirstDC knows how to throw a party with a good, diverse crowd. You’re always bound to run into someone you know and meet someone new – just the kind of event you want to attend and last night was no different. Kicking the evening off with a talk about weather (and who doesn’t love to talk about the weather), Thirst’s speakers didn’t dissappoint. We went from hurricanes to the moon to becoming innovation experts all in just a few (maybe too many) beers.