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Even though there still may be a few flakes in the air, we can’t help but get excited for the warm weather and all the great things to do in DC that are just around the corner. With that, we decided to ask some of our FamousDC readers what their favorite thing is to do during spring in DC. Here’s what they had to say:

All you can eat crawfish boils with Abita beer at @PearlDiveDC. –Kate Bennett

Golf. –David Popp

Best thing to do in DC in spring is harder to do every year – get a cheap ticket to a Nationals game and then spend the whole time in the centerfield bar. –Rick Klein

Nats opening day! –Mindy Finn

Getting a large group of people together on a Saturday to eat copious amounts of charred animal flesh, and consume even larger amounts of judgement altering beverages. This is best done at Poste in Chinatown by reserving a private “Poste Roast.” Grab about 15 of your closest friends, call early to reserve a section on of their outdoor patio, select a whole pig or goat, and enjoy. –Brian Marshall Johnson

Run around the monuments at night with flashlights and a flask. Head down to the Maine Ave. Wharf to eat and people watch. Sit on the Spanish Steps and make wishes. –Neda Semnani

Only one correct answer: Softball on the mall –Jim Swift

There were so many tourists taking in the cherry blossoms, visiting monuments and generally partaking in family and school trips, but to the point where driving in the city became danger #1 — for me as a frantic, newbie driver in the city!  Word to the wise — Spring in DC is utterly beautiful, filled with vibrant colored flowers and a new energy about the city — but play it safe and make the most of it by walking your way around or finding some other way to transport yourself and reduce stress — rent-a-bike or vespa perhaps! –Lindsey Mask

People watching from one of the patio bars on the Georgetown Harbor. –Stef Woods

Attend the Ball on the Mall on Saturday, May 4th! This black tie gala takes place in a clear tent on the National Mall in support of the National Mall before it gets too hot to enjoy the National Mall. See you there! –Shana Glickfield

I am clearly looking forward to my concert with Justin Timberlake. It’s about time he found out we were meant to be… –Catherine Gatewood

Visit Catina Marina and Georgetown Waterfront. Best time to visit is sunset. –Cloture Club

Jogging around @TheNationalMall with rooftop adventure on my mind and the devil on my heels. –Justin Herman

Hands down, baseball at Nats Park as our guys start the climb to the World Series. Just make sure the Yankees aren’t in town so you don’t have to hear @DougHeye heckle the hometown team. –Brian Walsh

Cantina Marina after work on one of the first warm days is always a winner! –Katie Prill

You know it’s Spring when you won’t take a meeting if you can’t get there by underground tunnels in the Capitol network. –Justin LoFranco

Flip flops on the morning commute (or top down, depending on your environmental footprint)! –Amanda Keating

Plant my beloved radishes in the FedEx Field turf. Radishes grow best in springtime DC when dirt has consistency of oatmeal. –Howard Mortman

Sipping on a Tom Collins while in a paddle boat. Just don’t get caught. –Mike Lurie

Sangria in the Sculpture Garden. –Jillian Rogers

The perfect spring Saturday: Blue Duck Tavern brunch, drinks on the Georgetown waterfront, Nats game, roof deck at the Brixton, and a nightcap on the apartment balcony. –Lachlan Markay

Play “Dodge the Tourist” on the Mall as hoards of people stop every two feet to take a photo of yet another cherry blossom. What, the one you photographed before wasn’t good enough?! –Michael Kaplan

Shirtless beer pong at Old Glory – Dave Natonski