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Eskimos have 50 words for snow (fun fact: they also have 1,000 words for reindeer).  After our recent snowstorm, area linguists have identified 37 new ways to say “snow” if you live or work in DC. And now, the 34 DC words for snow: 1. “OMG” 2. “Work from home” 3. …

Our snowstorm was such a big deal the New York times made a time lapsed video of the precipitation centered on Farragut Square, set to some dreamy snow music.

Noe Todorovich captured the mood of the evening’s snow with a gorgeous photo outside E Street Cinema.

Valentine’s day [restaurant gimmicks] Get some free De La Soul [today at 11AM] Body found under the snow [creeptacular] If you’re not sick of winter yet [go outdoor ice skating!] Creative DuPont circle [snowmen and women and dogs] Amazing Olympic drinking game [from H Street Country Club] Photo by Justin Schuck

No Escalades were harmed in the making of this post.

Check out Matthew Gagnon’s photostream This is some of the best work we’ve seen all day. There are some really neat ones in there… including the carnage on the road, and people skiing on George Washington Memorial Parkway in Alexandria. Ryan2499 has continued his VLOG of the Beltway Blizzard We …