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Eskimos have 50 words for snow (fun fact: they also have 1,000 words for reindeer).  After our recent snowstorm, area linguists have identified 37 new ways to say “snow” if you live or work in DC.

And now, the 34 DC words for snow:

1. “OMG”
2. “Work from home”
3. “[Expletive]”
4. “[String of expletives]”
5. “Slush”
6. “Nooooooo”
7. “Drink”
8. “SnOMG”
9. “Snowpocalypse”
10. “Snowmageddon”
11. “SnoCHI”
12. “SnowDEN” (Call me Edward cause I’m…)
13. “Obligatory sex”
14. “Netflix”
15. “Can you not?”
16. “Plz no sno”
17. “Ok, we relent”
18. “Going to DuPont Circle”
19. “OPM”
20. “Uber surge pricing”
21. “Snow Owl hunt”
22. “Shower Beer”
23. “Half naked Thursday”
24. “DC drivers FML”
25. “No Tinder Thursday”
26. “One night Tinder stand”
27. “Georgetown, DC’s ski slope” [sniff]
28. “In bed till 3pm”
29. “Did I drink a case of beer…”
30. “…And a fifth of Makers”
31. “Sled fail”
32. “If walking wasn’t tough enough on a normal Thursday night”
33. “Sochi looks warm right now”
34. “Aimee Fuller keep me warm and up all night (watching you board, duh)”
35. “I found the end of the internet”
37. “Why?”


Got a better word for snow? Tweet it to us @FamousDC and we’ll add it here. This list brought to you by the FamousDC writing team, including PunkabooNick Holt and others