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FDC has sent a dream team down to Tampa to cover the ins and outs of the RNC, the famous folks, the inside scoop, the best parties and the behind the scenes fun that never makes it to the big screen. This isn’t your grandpa’s regular ol’ coverage, bless his Republican soul. Below you’ll find a running timeline of rants, quotes, pictures and commentary from the GOP whirlwind hurricane that is taking over Florida this week. Enjoy and stay Famous.

Last night CNN owned the Iowa Caucus coverage. Not only was their coverage insightful, it was also humorous as night grew to morning. Here is one highlight: However, after that, they locked down some seriously impressive journalism: h/t the Factor UPDATE: Huffington Post does a great CNN mashup.

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In a move that’s being labeled as unprecedented, the Politico newspaper, run by Jim VandeHei, has handed over total control of their newspaper to the Democratic Party for an indefinite amount of time. Coverage on today’s front page: The GOP CRASH GOP Diagnosis: Dire Some say 70-vote deficit come November …