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In a move that’s being labeled as unprecedented, the Politico newspaper, run by Jim VandeHei, has handed over total control of their newspaper to the Democratic Party for an indefinite amount of time.

Coverage on today’s front page:

GOP Diagnosis: Dire
Some say 70-vote deficit come November
6 ways to save the party
Republicans expect money troubles to worsen
Much angst, little action after another loss
Policy fallout: Member defect on Farm Bill

Also built-in on the front page, a clever looking GOP elephant, which is lying flat on its face- a nice touch by artist Howard Dean.

Since our email machine has filled up this morning and because this paper has sparked a bit of controversy, we felt it only fair to ask a few simple questions, post merger.

1. Where do you think Jennifer Crider [DCCC spokesperson] and Brendan Daly [Speaker Pelosi’s press flack] will take Patrick O’Connor and Jim VandeiHei for lunch today?

2. Should the NRCC file a FEC report for a violation of in-kind contributions?

3. When does the GOP edition hit news stands?

4. Does Trover’s gift shop have enough frames to handle the plethora of requests they’ll get from DNC employees today?

On a side note: How pissed is John Edwards today? He’s been waiting for months to make his endorsement, and he’s trumped by a crippled-looking elephant.