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FDC has sent a dream team down to Tampa to cover the ins and outs of the RNC, the famous folks, the inside scoop, the best parties and the behind the scenes fun that never makes it to the big screen. This isn’t your grandpa’s regular ol’ coverage, bless his Republican soul. Below you’ll find a running timeline of rants, quotes, pictures and commentary from the GOP whirlwind hurricane that is taking over Florida this week. Enjoy and stay Famous.

Friday 8/31 – 2:43pm – The United States of Awesome.

Gave my waitress at Waffle House all my creds last night. Pay it forward. –Matthew Haller


Wednesday 8/29 – 11:48am – Really? This photo wasn’t real. #MediaFail

Tuesday 8/28 – 8:19 pm – Just met John Voight. No biggie.

Tuesday 8/28 – 9:05 am – Breakfast of Champions or Breakfast With Champions? via DCBigJohn

Tuesday 8/28 – 1:00am – Blues Traveler never disappoints.

Monday 8/27 – 11:00pm – Who says Republican’s can’t party? Witness and all lady dance party at the RNC after party. Things look pretty out of control.

Monday 8/27 – 1:10pm – Just keep tweeting (h/t Sean Evins)

Monday 8/27 – 11am – Welcome to Tampa

Monday 8/27 – 9am – ALL the creds

Sunday 8/26 – 8pm – Puppies on Cars

A popular GOP theme this election.

Sunday 8/26 – 6pm – Greetings from Tampa

This shirt isn’t alluding to Isaac.

Sunday  8/26 – 12pm ET – The Flight to Tampa

Dear guy in first class talking loudly on your cell phone about last night and how you are “functionally depleted” today because of your hangover. It was great to see that you got your Republican starter kit in time for the conventions. The navy coat and Sperrys were standard issue, but the Vineyard Vines carry-on bag was a nice touch that we didn’t see coming. We were impressed from the beginning, but your use of the term “douche bag” 7 times in 10 minutes really won us over. We hope you enjoy your time in Tampa. And we hope Isaac greets you warmly.

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