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Marc Ambinder: After November, I’ll be joining National Journal as White House correspondent. A little less blogging, a lot more reporting. Very excited.

This final film of this year’s Screen on the Green season, Bonnie and Clyde, ended in a bloody hail of bullets that forever snuffed out the hopes and aspirations of a young couple finding happiness the only way they could during an economically depressed time. Throughout the evening it was …

Election season is heating up and the hill journos are in high demand. Shira Toeplitz: After my WJLA hit at 11pm, I will have done TV hits on 3 networks/ affiliates today: WJLA-ABC, MSNBC and CBS. Welcome to campaign season! We  wanted to give Shira some positive coverage before the …

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From MattDeLuca’s Twitter Feed: Taking over @famousdc ‘s world HQ as Foursquare mayor ranks as one of my greatest accomplishments. No. I’m not @famousdc FamousDC on FourSquare

We hope you’re enjoying recess. Photo by: Christopher Gindlesperger, aka NotNotGindy

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Ted’s Bulletin [Washingtonian] CSPAN [Foursquare] Gladiator [hell]

He’s got a good point … Thaddeus McCotter U.S. Soccer team got robbed out of winning goal by the referee! “Open hand diplomacy” clearly not working in World Cup. 

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Pac-Man [$120 Million] Nationals [tickets] Date [the district] WTF [OMG]

We have a crush on Ali’s job. Mug Shots: Rooftop Bars Take a Look at the City From Up High

Carmelo [reality TV] Tech Savvy [POTUS] Cry [Project Beltway] Ball [on the mall]

James Fallows and Paul Rademacher blow our collective minds.

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