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Yeah, this is how we’re rolling into Thursday.

Ben Smith: White House kills Hillary SCOTUS buzz The White House has yet to comment on FamousDC’s recommendation for the Supreme Court: Kimberly Ann Guilfoyle

DCist: Overheard in D.C. Unemployed is the new employed . Somewhere in D.C.: . Two high school boys wait for the bus: Boy: “I wish I was homeless. Then I could rant to anyone I wanted. And I could just sit there and have people give me money. Best job …

Did you know that you can report a pothole via Twitter? Yes, the DC Department of Transportation is on Twitter and wants to “hear your concerns, questions and service requests.” DDOT DC: Pothole report of the day: RT @TallPaulDC 300 block of 6th Street SE is pocked with more …

The Atlantic: Gay Marriage Clears Final Hurdle In the District Of Columbia At midnight tonight, same-sex marriage will be legal in the District of Columbia.

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Tiger Woods [#1] Elephant [bath] Awesome [image]

Pump fake from Jonathan Allen. Politico’s John Harris: Why POLITICO let Jonathan Allen come back If the past is prologue, this means 2010 will be his best year ever. No word yet on how the conversations between his agent and Dan Snyder broke down. Welcome back Jonathan and please keep …

Great work by Andrew Cutraro. snOMG from Andrew Cutraro on Vimeo.

Spend a few minutes and check-out Alex’s work from in front of the Capitol Monday. Snow piled in front of the Capitol Front loader working in front of the Capitol Snow piled near the Capitol

DCist’s Sommer Mathis: D.C. Named Most Attractive ‘State’

Paging Angie Goff … The Capital Beltway is the #3 worst commute in America. Daily Beast: America’s 75 Worst Commutes #3, Capital Beltway, surrounds Washington, DC … Weekly hours of bottleneck congestion: 194 … Worst bottleneck: Southbound, Exit 2A-B … Length of worst bottleneck: 1.26 mi … Weekly hours of …