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This final film of this year’s Screen on the Green season, Bonnie and Clyde, ended in a bloody hail of bullets that forever snuffed out the hopes and aspirations of a young couple finding happiness the only way they could during an economically depressed time.

Throughout the evening it was not difficult to imagine the audience’s own collective fantasies of teaming up with that charming new intern down the hallway for their own Metro line bandit spree, but like the aspirations of many in this our own economic depression HBO took this opportunity to remind us what our colleagues, parents and religious leaders have echoed for months: dream no farther or eat lead.

Each year the Screen on the Green season is awaited in rapt anticipation, the historic scene of hundreds of perfect first dates and hard-earned wine buzzes along the National Mall. And each year despite the valiant efforts of everyday heroes like Jesse Rauch the number of films decreases and fans are forced to realize that they are never as attractive in real life as they are Monday nights after dusk in the summertime.

Efforts are already underway the rescue the 2011 season, as to dream about the lineup of the next film series is not unlike our dreams for a better tomorrow for us all.

Perhaps we’ll enjoy The Muppet Movie and that new job.

Maybe we’ll find both Amelie on the schedule as well as a new love.

Or maybe things will just continue as they are, and the only film next year will also be the internal narrative of your daily commute, Michael Douglas’ Falling Down.

Fans can act now by visiting Save Screen on the Green and making a difference on Capitol Hill that truly matters.