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Akers: Rep. Jefferson a Stickler on Courthouse Food Rules At the courthouse facing federal corruption charges, Bill Jefferson gets on an elevator and jokes with Susan Crabtree that she is breaking the rules with her snack inside. Molly Hooper asks Jefferson, “What are they going to do, indict us?”

JoMa: Mitt is down “It’s all — as Mitt might say — off the hizzle.” Walshe: Who Let the Dogs Out? [Romney] jumped off the Mitt Mobile to greet a waiting crowd, took a picture with some kids and young adults and awkwardly quipped, ”Who let the dogs out? Who …

NY Times: Campaign reporters are turning to Twitter to keep colleagues/readers informed

Politico:  A coalition of trade groups, educators, companies and researchers want to increase the number of visas available to highly skilled foreign workers. Google spokesman: “We like to hire the most talented U.S.-born workers we can find and the most talented foreign workers we can find and we think that …

…to endorse and campaign for Rudy Giuliani

Clyburn to Clinton: “He needs to chill a little bit.”

Cillizza: Clinton vs. Obama Obama, “… felt the pinch of Ronald Reagan’s economic policies as a community organizer even as Clinton was serving as a “corporate lawyer on the board of Wal-Mart.” Clinton, “…fought for economic justice when you were representing your slum landlord Rezko.” Clinton, “I am used to …

Rahm runs from endorsement talk while brother Ari bashes Hillary

Schwarzenegger staying neutral during primaries

Oliver Stone to make “fair” movie about George W. Bush

Earvin “Magic” Johnson in South Carolina Ad for Hillary Clinton: “Clinton is no rookie” Obama’s team (quickly!) responds: “But Magic Johnson Was An Awesome Rookie…” /This is for the White House folks.

The nation’s economy and Iraq are still on everyone’s mind, but voters are increasingly wondering how we are going to help Britney Spears

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Rep. (Dollar) Bill Jefferson (D-LA) admitted yesterday that he took $100K in a briefcase from a VA business assoc. “and that the money ended up” in his freezer (Baton Rouge Advocate).