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O’Connor: Issa’s deep pockets Issa promises to make up the difference of $400K pledge to NRCC. Founder of the Viper car alarm, his net worth was last estimated to be more than $140 million.

Subpoena for Knoblauch still not served

NY Times: Romney Leads in Ill Will Among G.O.P. Candidates “John McCain and his friends used to beat up Mitt Romney at recess,” Dan Schnur said. Kevin Madden, said, “I think it’s largely driven by the fact that everybody’s taught to tackle the guy on the field with the ball.”

McGrane: Dodd’s back with a big, new housing proposal

…then meets Chris Taylor “If only Rahm Emanuel would put as much effort into finding bi-partisan solutions to America’s problems as he does into these political attacks, maybe then he wouldn’t be leading the lowest rated Congress in history.”

FishbowlDC: The Latest Reporter To Get Yelled At By Bill Clinton: Jessica Yellin (with video) Ambinder: Bill Clinton B&*%S out the media

Suite Talk Brettell to Musgrave Morris (Kerry) to Patton Boggs Bass (Qorvis) to Luntz, Maslansky Smart Media promotes two Stover DeRocco to NAM

Schroeder Mullins: Anyone see Jeopardy last night?

“Well, a welcome like that, it’s almost enough to make me want to run for office again. (Laughter.) Almost, almost. (Applause.)” [click]

Against frivolous spending and against grand-standing.

Ryan Grim: Young Blunt doesn’t disappoint Josh Kraushaar: Missouri governor Blunt announces surprise retirement

Rick Maurano to head up Frank’s Financial Services Committee

JoMa: Romney says Fred Thompson departure helps him Cillizza: With Thompson Out, Who Benefits Most?

Fred Thompson drops out of the race for the Republican nomination for president. UPDATE:  Erick Erickson of says Fred’s not dead [conservative leader]