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doesn’t like West Va. football The House is taking up two resolutions today to honor college-football teams, which in my opinion is at least one too many. But the assertion in the resolution that the WVU had to “overcome adversity” to win the Fiesta Bowl doesn’t really make it for …

A Frosty Moment between Clinton, Obama

Taco Bell? The sacrifice he makes for his readers is displayed here: I pulled over to an exurban Orlando Taco Bell — new strip mall literally being built across the parking lot as I type — to write up the increasingly heated back-and-forth between both candidates and campaigns.

Guests expected to sit with first lady Laura Bush during President Bush’s State of the Union address on Monday: [who’s who]

Kurtz: Team Obama is Courting Everybody But the Press

JoMa: Mitt rocks the guayabera shirt!

CREW demands transparency of everyone…..but themselves [hypocritical]

TONIGHT: President Bush’s Last State of Union Address McCain plans to skip – will stay in Florida to campaign; Clinton and Obama both plan to attend Lou Cannon and Carl Cannon: “We believe that George W. Bush can be meaningfully compared to Ronald Reagan.” Bush speech will seek to calm …

Ambinder: Ted Kennedy Will Stay on Fence, Probably (1/26) Ambinder: CBS News reports Kennedy will endorse Obama (1/27) Ambinder: Bloga Culpas: The Kennedy Endorsement (1/27) Mike Allen & Carrie Budoff Brown: Ted Kennedy Embraces Obama The Clinton campaign launched a last-ditch effort over the last few days to stop Kennedy’s …

Pershing: House GOP Backs Away From Real Earmark Moratorium

Seelye: A Former President, Back in the Thick of Politics Bill Clinton: “I’m perfectly content to give her my advice.” As the campaigns pivot now to the nearly two dozen states that vote on Feb. 5, Mr. Clinton is being deployed to Missouri while Mrs. Clinton works Tennessee.

Stimulus rebates may come by mid-May

Obama wins South Carolina Chuck Todd: According to the AP, it was a rout. Per Fournier, it was a landslide. George Bush might have referred to it as a “thumping.” Whatever you want to call it, Obama’s victory last night in South Carolina was by the biggest margin we’ve seen …

Hewitt: Mr. Speaker, a lot of people would love to see you in the number two slot on the ticket. Are you open to that?