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From the Tribune’s “Swamp Blog”   Asked if he was alarmed by a poll showing Barack Obama winning only ten percent of the white Democratic vote, [Charlie] Rangel shot back in an affably combative way: “I’m not a South Carolinian –I don’t know if the goddam Civil War is over …

Romney’s whisper(er) during last night’s debate in Florida

Noonan:  Clintons Are “Tearing” Democrats Apart

With Trade Rep, Flat Stanley Is Really Going Places

When did you last cry and why? Milbank: This week, when Duncan Hunter dropped out.

Akers: Clyburn not undecided, but undeclared Clyburn said he doesn’t really see Obama as the “black candidate” polls are making him out to be. If anything, Clyburn argued, Obama is the white candidate.

JoMa: “Global Warming Fades From McCain’s Stump Speech”

Gates: “I thought U2 was an airplane.”

Mary Katharine Ham: A Take on Ron Paul “Ron Paul’s ridiculous.”

NY Times endorses Obama and McCain Ambinder: “This will no doubt not help McCain.”

Cillizza: With all of that said, the Bill effect appears at present to be largely positive for his wife’s candidacy. Of course, in politics, things can change in an instant as public opinion is a fickle mistress. [click]

DC pundits baffled as to how this will affect the Clinton camp. “I’m pretty chilled out,” Clinton said, sipping hot coffee at a restaurant here, when asked about the congressman’s recommendation. Of his attacks on Obama — he’s used language such as “fairy tale” to describe various positions taken by …

Bono meets Pentagon chief Robert Gates to discuss poverty