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Morning Grind 11/21/16

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Keep your gloves handy and your scarves wrapped tight because winds are blowing through DC today bringing temperatures down to a brisk 36 degrees, although the sunshine will bring a high of 44 degrees this afternoon.


Too many people – young and old alike – are asking too often, “What’s the point?”

Together, let’s answer that question once and for all. The point is to help one another, to encourage camaraderie and compromise and to inspire compassion and empathy within our communities and throughout our world. And lucky for us, that can be the exact point of social media. All it takes is a few clicks.

That’s our mission with the Positivity Promise campaign, launching today for the next 24 hours. Let’s transform our news feeds – together – into a reminder of how easy it is to be kind. Share, post, tweet and be sure to include #PositivityPromise so that we’re all heard as one. Thank you for your support! 3-ways-email


Brought to you by Tazewell Jones of FamousDC

FamousDC needs your help today. The whole world needs your help. Together, we’re going to transform social media for 24 hours into a force for good in this world. Starting right now with our Song of the Day, the FamousDC Positivity Promise campaign is live. Let’s come together and make it big.


Get out there and meet someone new today. Whether that be at your regular coffee spot, at the water cooler in the office, or at that Monday happy hour, be sure to say a simple “hello!” especially because it’s World Hello Day. Doesn’t that fit perfectly with our #PositivityPromise campaign?


On this day in 1976, the debut of the infamous fighter film Rocky premiered in New York City becoming an all time American classic.



Jeremy Art is an FDC superstar.

Chuck Bell is so ready for the chilly weather.

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