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The #PositivityPromise: Let Kindness Guide Your Actions Today

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Let kindness guide your actions today. And tomorrow. And the day after that.

It’s a simple idea with endless possibilities – What if we exchanged intolerance for patience? What if we befriended instead of belittled? What if we injected a little bit of kindness into our intentions every day?

Today we’re asking you to find out and join FamousDC in the #PositivityPromise so that we can influence those around us, near and far, to do the same. With so much negativity pervading the internet, it’s easy to get lost in it ourselves. Sure, we could ignore it and just keep scrolling through, but we forget that we have the power to stop it ourselves with just a click. A click that could lead to a retweet or a share, and especially, a smile.

By sharing our #PositivityPromise online, you each hold the power to change the course of a conversation, to brighten someone’s day and to convince your peers to think twice before they share on social media.

After all, it’s a simple idea with endless possibilities. Take a look below: