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November 21: Join Us In The #PositivityPromise

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What if social media only made you feel better about yourself? What if it made you feel more connected to the world around you? And what if it helped you feel a greater sense of purpose in that world? FamousDC has an easy way to make that happen. We’re inviting you to join the Positivity Promise this Monday, November 21.

On Monday morning, we’ll ask for your help with a simple gesture – clicking a button to share your support across social media. With a “share” and a retweet of our post, you’ll send a signal to your circles that it’s time for us to work together to spread sustained positivity and kindness in every direction. In cooperation, we’ll lift each other up. As one alliance, we’ll unify. And together, we’ll transform our news feeds into an invitation to join a movement that creates kindness throughout our world.

Still don’t catch our drift? Then just let kindness guide your actions today. It’s a simple, but profound idea. That’s all we ask: that you spread this message with a share and a retweet, and if inclined, that you add your own message of positivity alongside ours. The point? Your kindness is contagious, so spread it around. That’s the #PositivityPromise.

Stay tuned because come Monday morning, it’s time to get to work.