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Friday Round Up

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Weather:  Mother Nature is finally cooling her sh*t and keeping the temperatures warm but not unbearable this weekend. Highs of 90 with lows of 70 and not a drop of rain in sight.

Awesome events you can attend this weekend: The Rock and Roll Hotel is still going strong and continuing its anniversary celebration through Saturday; Don’t miss out on the district’s music festival, Trillectro featuring Kid Cudi; 17th Street is having its annual Street Festival; The D.C. State Fair is in town this Sunday; Hop into medieval times at the Maryland Renaissance Festival; While you’re bumming around in recovery mode or even rallying for boozy brunch, be sure to sport this awesome shirt


Yesterday marked the National Park Service’s 100th birthday – the National Park Service Centennial –  100 years since President Woodrow Wilson first signed the act that created the park service back in 1916. Now as we all know, D.C. is an arsenal for some national park action (aka tourists; aka traffic) and finding your park can be just as stressful as finding the “one”.

Not to rub it in, but we found ours.


That’s a 12 pack for Phelps and 100 pounds for us; Psh, that’s a piece of cake…not; Extravagant, gourmet milkshakes are so in; We question your life choices as well; College football is back! Does your team rank?; Even these reporters can’t keep it together, Lochte; “Stranger Things” is taking over tv’s across America. 


Absurdity is clearly part of the process; It’s just a battle we’re never going to win; We’re all caffeine addicts. Just accept it and try out these coffee spots; Oh so now we’re running red lights, Metro? Super; Chance and Obama are BFF’s for life; 14th Street is welcoming Ice Cream Jubilee; D.C. is gaining a winery! Yards park just keeps getting better; The #BeltwaySeries left a few locals conflicted


10 Female Journalists To Follow On Twitter

Warning: These Instagram Accounts Will Make You Hangry

Louisiana State Society Fundraises For Flood Relief 

Congratulations Rina Shah!

Kidding Around: Barracks Row


D.C. recently got a great new addition to its fashion AND art scene. A Bucketfeet studio has opened right in the heart of Shaw. The mission of Bucketfeet is to “bring people together through art” and they do so by commissioning art from around the globe and selecting designs to print on reasonably priced canvas sneakers.

Marissa Mitrovich had the pleasure of talking with Raaja this week about the brand, the new D.C. store and fashion in Washington, D.C.



Famous birthday wishes to Jenn Sherman (H/t to Bill Gray), Eliza Kay, Sarah Feldman, Kevin Mooney, Stephanie Haddad, Katie Ruh, Christyn Binder, Luke Connolly, Jacqueline Herb, Cody Rivera, Ethan Mattos, Katie Flowers, Stephen Decature, Lisa Pritchard, Avery Share, Kat Prime, Caitlyn Orta, Natasha Flint, Rachel Racusen, Kari Pederson, Jessica Herrera-Flanigan, Marty Kady, Alex Skatell, Steve Dutton, Emilie Udell, Jenny Kay, Tom Wilbur, Angela B. Pan, Krista Hurlburt and Jennifer Stong


“The future belongs to those who believe in their dreams.”



A huge birthday shout out to Krista Hurlburt who’s an avid FamousDC reader (h/t her Pops); US Travel’s Roger Dow explains presidential politics still rely on personal contact (and travel!); Does Diane Smiroldo Kaylor read this far down?; Ask “Young” Nick Johnston if he wants to sit outside at Hank’s Oyster Bar; Damn! Colin Shah is having a great 2016; Professor Mike Steel is coming to Georgetown University: Hover Boards 101; Olivia Petersen isn’t a huge fan of the public speaker phone; Sam Nathews is this for real? ‏Dude exiting metro in front of me had $5,000 on his metro card; Is Patrick Gavin losing steam?; Rick Klein and Montel Williams are Twitter buds; Jared Parks, Laura Crist and Andrew Kovalcin might be Collective Soul and the Goo Goo Dolls’ newest members after Tuesday night; Tell Soundcheck happy one year anniversary (h/t Joshua Habursky); Give Sue Davis a high-five for crushing it this week as she fills in for Gwen Ifill; We miss the Olympics. Like bad. They haven’t called. They don’t text. We think this is really over; Give Gabriele Wooten a high-five for being awesome; Enjoy that moonshine in NC Brian Johnson and Morgan Gress; Andie D’Agostino is killing it in Boston; Marie Formica is forever a rockstar; Taz Jones is going harder than any of us this weekend; Kathryn Lyons has found her true calling as a park ranger; Has Amos Snead put his Alabama football flag up yet? #RollTide; Sarah Gunion has finally returned to the district; Erin Lange and Lauren Marquez are true Soul Cyclers; Have a mojito for us, Beth PalkovicDr. David Goodwin (a.k.a. Dr. Dave) is coming to D.C.; We are still really excited for Pat Wyman & Arden Anlian’s new baby; Enjoy your trip David Almacy!; Paris Dennard is on a roll this week; Erin Book Mullen, enjoy the beach.

STAY TUNED: There is a third way out there. There is a better way. There is a political party out there we can all trust. The FamousDC Media Ticket is coming to save the day. Previous tickets: 2008 (President Mike Allen) & 2012 (President Rick Klein).


Congratulations to Yochi Dreazen on his new role at Vox.com. Dreazen previously served as managing editor at Foreign Policy; Jason Howerton, formerly with TheBlaze, will join the Independent Journal Review as Managing Editor; CBSN brings on Anna Sugg to their booking team in D.C.. She was previous with the RNC as their director of television; Claire KennedyKate Gartner and Karina Carlson will all join Jim VandeHei’s upcoming media venture from Politico; Former global chief communication offer and vice president of public affairs at Johnson & Johnson, Maggie Fitzpatrick, will join Exelon as a senior vice president of corporate affairs, philanthropy and customer engagement; Trevor Kincaid will serve as senior communications strategist at FWD.us. Kincaid was the former deputy assistant U.S. Trade Representative and before that, communications director for Sen. Claire McCaskill; GW names Jason Rezaian a Terker Distinguished Fellow for his work in media, public affairs and political communications (h/t Corinne Grinapol); CNN welcomes Kirsten Powers from her previous role as a Fox News political analyst.  She will serve the same role at CNN; Former senior vice president and partner at FleishmanHillard, Kathryn DeVito, will join Levick as senior vice president and head of digital offerings; And finally, The Washington Post has moved Zachary Goldfarb from policy editor to deputy business editor. Additionally, Michael Miller will move to a new role on the local enterprise team, from his previous spot on the Morning Mix.


Don’t worry, we’ll be back faster than Trump can flip on immigration.