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Famous 5: Marin Cogan

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If you don’t receive a tiny letter from Marin Cogan every now and then, you should probably rethink your life choices. She’s an award winning journalist based in DC and has a portfolio filled with some impressive ink. Currently a Contributing Editor at New York Magazine, Marin has also left her mark at GQ, ESPN The Magazine, POLITICO, and National Journal, to name just a few. Her area of expertise ranges from politics and pop culture to reading and recipes – all featured in her must-receive e-newsletter, the Mariner, which I personally give two huge thumbs up.

Here’s our Famous Five interview with Marin Cogan.

1. What’s your go-to remedy when suffering from a little writer’s block?

I take a long walk and listen to a podcast. That’s basically my favorite thing to do. Right now I’m devouring the latest season of You Must Remember This, Karina Longworth’s excellent podcast on the secret and/or forgotten histories of Hollywood’s first century. When I’m blocked, it’s usually due to stress and I find that when I’ve let go of the stress completely, the path forward is pretty obvious. So I walk, or I take a shower – I get all of my best ideas in the shower.



2. Favorite recipe you’ve featured in your newsletters?

It’s a tie between this black bean pumpkin enchilada lasagna and these tequila lime baked tofu tacos with chipotle crema. Shoot. Now I’m hungry.

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 10.45.11 AM


3. Favorite place you’ve written/sent it from – what were you doing there?

Tough call — I’ve been writing it for about two months now, and I’ve sent it from New York, Pittsburgh, Calgary, Austin, and Camden, Maine — but I think Austin is my favorite, because I worked on it from a little gas station converted into a grocery store. They had the best breakfast tacos!



4. What tweet best fits your current mood?

It’s another tie:


which is basically how I feel about 2016.


5. Your turn. Ask yourself a question and answer it:

Whose newsletter would you most like to read?

If I had to pick one person I’d love to get a newsletter from, it’d probably be Joanna Newsom. I’m a little bit obsessed with her (like all of her fans) and not just because she’s such an incredible, singular musician—she also writes such complex, literary lyrics—and you can tell she has a very rich internal world. But she’s also one of the rare artists who has the privilege to really take her time on her work, which means we only hear from her every five years or so.

Part of why I started the newsletter is because my interests have really diversified over the last few years, and I’m writing a lot of longer things that aren’t necessarily about politics. So I wanted to find a way of saying to people: I’m not just about this one thing, I’m also into all of these other things, too, and here’s what I’m reading and thinking about this week. I suspect a lot of journalists are like that, and I think it’s a good thing. I think she’s probably that way, too.


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