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Famous 5: Sabrina Siddiqui

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Sabrina Siddiqui, formerly of the Huffington Post, is currently a political reporter for The Guardian – but you already know that because you follow her on Twitter. She’s a fierce journalist, power woman, political devotee (shocking), foodie, and lover of all things fluffy.

Naturally, we had just had to know MORE about Sabrina so we present to you: an interview.

You are what you tweet. What’s a tweet that best sums you up?

My tweets are typically a combination of politics, sports and adorable animals (those baby pandas in DC are my kryptonite). But I think anyone who knows me knows that I’m a politics junkie and a workaholic who is incapable of tuning out the news even when I’m off from work. Case in point:

This was just after Christmas, when I was on a week-long break, and yet I was the nerd who insisted on still watching Marco Rubio from afar to be sure he didn’t make any news in my absence.


What inspired you to pursue a career in journalism?

I’ve enjoyed writing from a young age, but I think I was drawn specifically to journalism just by witnessing the power of story-telling. The news was always on in our household, so it was hard to ignore in general. We’ve had a couple of journalists in my family, which only intensified my interest in the field and so I went all in on my high school newspaper and it just stuck from thereon out.

But most importantly, I would watch the news and often realize there was no one who looked like me. Children of South Asian descent are often encouraged to be doctors or engineers to the point that it’s become a cliche, and I was always lucky that my parents supported me in anything I wanted to do. I’m as American as my peers in the media, but I am also shaped by being both a South Asian American and a Muslim American. And I wanted that perspective and that voice to be reflected, whether in print or on air.

Between Taylor Swift and this, it’s been a good week. ??✈️??

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Tell us a famous quote that best describes you – right now.


Given we’re in an election year, it’s been a very busy and challenging time. Being away from home and constantly on the road, with an exhaustive schedule while hoping my work stands out, can be overwhelming. And so this quote reminds me of the basic principle of what you can achieve if you just put your mind to it, but to also remember that nothing matters if you can’t call yourself a good person.

Where can we find you on a gorgeous day in DC?

I live near Malcolm X Park, so chances are I’ll be running laps there before finding my friends on a roofdeck somewhere.


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Write your own question and then answer that question.

What are your favorite DC-area eats?

I’m a big foodie and DC has such a great scene that I feel compelled to mention food! Some personal favorites are Estadio, Fiola and Kabob N Karahi — the latter is a Pakistani gem hidden in Silver Spring. And of newer places, I absolutely loved Tail Up Goat.


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Oh man.

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