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Famous Friday Round Up



Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 12.40.59Congratulations are in order! Jeremy Art and Kelsey Jones are officially engaged. After proposing at the “whisper spot” in the United States Capital, these two C-Span love birds are ready to say “I do.” Not only did she say “yes,” but they caught the romance on camera.



Weather: DC is heating up (what else is new) and putting us in temperatures as high as 95 on both Friday and Saturday with absolutely no chance of rain.

Awesome events you can attend this weekend: Hit up Yards Park for a beautiful picnic; Take a look into the deep ocean world at the National Aquarium; Get out there and enjoy the last few days of DC’s beer week!; Hit up Muggle Monday at the Black Cat for some magical Harry Potter screenings; Make your way over to the Freer Gallery of Art for their Hong Kong Film Festival; Are you single and ready to mingle? Join matchmaking company Three Day Rule for their fantastic boating event this weekend.



Beer popularity and preference measured state by state according to twitter; That’s right! Even Obama has a summer reading list; HBO has snatched up Sesame Street; Has Tinder taken over the world?; China is seriously riding the struggle bus; Two women are on the fast track to becoming the first females to ever complete the Army Ranger program; Oh Donald, you never fail to amaze us; El Niño is coming in hot!; What’s next for all you ladies?; The Iran deal – Yay or nay?; HOLY CRAP this song came out 20 years ago #AntsMarching; Glad to see even royalty has trouble adapting to 2015; Okay (h/t Austin Carson); Schadenfreude galore; Photos of U.S. presidents chillin real hard; There’s no place like home.



The republican candidates have some “Bad Blood” amongst each other; Joe Biden for President?; The Nats are playing it cool; And you thought your week was the absolute worse? Check out Hillary’s; 199 Trump quotes that you just can’t beat (LMFAO); 91 epic chill spots near every DC metro stop; Your complete guide to getting your summer buzz on; DC beer week isn’t over yet! Don’t miss out on these seven delicious brews; Metro can’t catch a break; The Kelly vs. Trump battle continues; 13 historical moments from the presidential candidates; Take six minutes this weekend and watch Ben Herr’s time lapse of a natural pool; Congratulations to Jenne Bush Hager on the birth of her second baby; Navy vs. Colgate tickets are on sale for September 12th! Code: FAMOUSDCMatt Lira writes smart words… again; Do we spy @KtMartin17 on the TMZ bus with Nick Jonas? Srsly. I think we do; Pennsylvania Ave is becoming bike friendlyThe Capitol’s paintings have been lying to tourists all along; Will they ever give up on the streetcar?; Our invite got lost in the mail; Congress = #StraightOutta Session; Harry Styles <3’s DC.



Bill Margaritis is making it big with Hilton Worldwide; Support your fellow Washingtonians and follow these photographers; The famous “whisper spot” engagement; IJ Review is amping up their team with seven new hires; Lori Shaull hit a homer with her epic action shot; Can you imagine DC without a soul in sight?



AmosSneadmarkvdvdTheFixJohnEkdahl; charliespiering; clintonyates; JohnahNRO




GOPAC is the Republican Party’s premier center for educating and electing a new generation of Republican leaders.  It’s a force in American politics as it ensures a healthy roster of prepared and tested state leaders are ready to lead in their legislatures and/or run for higher office.

Visit us at GOPAC.org


Famous birthday wishes for: Whitney Drew; Stephen StrasburgCat Clarke; Lucia Martino; Pascale Grossnickle; Blanca Reyes; Logan Good; Michelle Poulin; Donte Taylor; Andrew Coleburn; Tess Helliwell; Emily Glick; Cait Monan; Carla Weiss; Arden Bochner; Tricia Moffatt; Mary Berquist; Joanna Piacenza; Arden Bochner; Jimmy Walsh; Jason Glisson; Victoria Treece; Emily CookSammy Solis; Matt den Dekker; Wilson Ramos; Dan KildeeBilly Long; Tom Marino; Peter J. Visclosky; Mark Pocan; Louise M. Slaughter; Robert Pittenger; Maxine Waters; Earl Blumenauer; Doug Collins; Darren Goode; Eric Wohlschlegel; Matt J. Lauer; Chris Golden; Ramesh Ponnuru; Danielle Jones; Ron Bonjean; Maegan Carberry; Andrea McCarthy.



Elliot Berke hung out with his Motley Crüe buddies; We missed seeing Sean Spicer on the Today Show; You should friend Mary Tavenner Walker for great TBT photos; When is Archibald Smart coming back from the Hamptons?; Louisa Imperiale is headed to Dollywood; We miss Gabe Santos; Charles Faulkner forgot to invite us to Hawaii; We remember when Gerritt Lansing used to email us back; Ask local author J. Grigsby Crawford about WordPress content migration; Nathan Imperiale is definitely going to Dollywood; Have an epic vacation Snead FamilyLauren Culbertson and Suzanne Kianpour are having the best week ever;Topher Cushman reads the FamousDC Friday Round-Up; Ben Droz is taking over Colorado; Give Sarah Gunion and Paige Gress a high-five when you see them; Matt Gannon hit a hole-in-one; Elliot Berke is an international man of mystery; Good luck at Harvard Zack Colman, DC will miss you; Happy Anniversary to John Scofield and Jennifer Hing; Look out for Colin Wilhelm, DC; Congratulations Mitch and Janelle Relfe on a bouncing baby boy; Ask Grant Carlisle about the topography of Colorado; ***BREAKING*** Kasie Hunt sampled fried things in Iowa; When is Faith Ammen going to invite us to dinner?; Follow IndyHammy, and Lola and Instagram.



Our friends and neighbors at IJReview welcome seven new hires: Phil Wolf as a video journalist, Hayley Condon as the social media manager, Kelsey Rupp as a political reporter, Mallory Shelbourne as a political reporter, Maegan Vazquez as a political reporter, Rebeccah Propp as the director of events and Liz Kelly as an ad optimization specialist; Christina Cauterucci joins Slate; Hillary Clinton hires senior adviser, Harry Reid as hispanic media director; HuffPost adds reporter Shane Ferro to business team; The Atlantic hires two new staffers for the site, Ross Andersen as senior editor and Catherine Green as senior associate editor; Martha Nelson leaves her position as editor-in-chief of Time Inc. and is now global editor-in-chief at Yahoo Media; Sarah DiGregorio has been named editor of BuzzFeed food; Matt Sullivan is now deputy editor of Guardian U.S.; Trevor Kaufman is the new CEO of Piano Media; Tell Kelly Cole congrats on her new venture to launching Kelly Cole Strategies; Go BIG Media adds Andrew Gordon as new Director of Campaigns.

Yo, this really cool company is hiring.



TGIF. Let’s Rage.