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#NATIONAL D-Day in photos; This 93 year old man is parachuting into Normandy again in full dress; And just one more D-Day story for you; Don’t make Kevin Spacey go all Frank Underwood on your ass; Will Obama wrestle a bear next?; Those curls are intimidating the world; And yet, they weren’t perfect; If you’re having a bad day despite the gorgeous weather, here you go; Your favorite politicians just got Photoxed, again; Who has the best burrito, according to data?; Miami Heat, literally;  Oooh awkward; China, chill out, srsly; Do doughnuts really need a day?; the CIA has Twitter sooo there’s that; Related: here’s how “neither confirm nor deny” came to be; Swordfight IRL; MaleFiftyCent is sooooo worth a watch;

#DISTRICT Neverland (n) – D.C., a city full of people who seem to be repeatedly hitting the snooze button on their adulthood; If you’re on the Hill, we’ve know how your Recess Week went, in gifs; #WhereIsDCDroneBottleService; Pro-taxi lobbying is apparently getting aggressive in Virginia (not that it matters for Uber); There’s an app for your (probable) place of work; Sweet sweet Congressional Baseball Game drama; The disco Star Wars theme at the beginning of this vintage Congressional Baseball game on C-SPAN . . . we can’t; DC has a faster fiber internet network but Comcast won’t let you use it; Sex was almost illegal here; Intern hunting season is finally over; Some people are working on a boat today and we are not afraid to admit jealousy; this is a cool old DC photo; homeless are eating D.C. deer; House of Cards is casting — @FishbowlDC gives the lowdown (h/t Jen Voss); the KFC Reception is coming up . . . chicken-fried memories;

#CONGRATS Round of applause for Neal Patel moving to Dean Heller’s office; Abigail Shilling said goodbye to the Hill (and all that); Brian Werner traversing across the Senate back to the MN delegation; Charlotte Sellmyer is on the up and up;

#WEGONSIPBACARDILIKEITSYOURBIRTHDAY Famous birthday wishes go out to Margaret Jaco, Janie Sheehan, Alex Gould, Ike Pigott, Felicia Sonmez, Tommy McFly;

#MEDIAMOVES thanks to @StoryPartners Congrats to @dlippman who joins @mikeallen and @Politico playbook. @usatoday snags @StevePetrow as the paper’s first-ever digital etiquette columnist. Ironically, his column will run in print (as well as online). The @washingtonpost hires @KerryLauerman as its new Senior Editor for Mobile Initiative, hiring him away from Salon.com. At @nationaljournal a 50% increase in readership resulted in six new hires including political reporter @emilyrs, bilingual reporter @AlexiaCampbell, @rachel_jenn, @alexlaughs and @zachary_cohen as web producers and @NCaplanBricker. @CNN plans to double its digital coverage for the 2016 presidential election and @PoliticoPro added its 13th vertical this week, eHealth, focusing on digital health and related policy challenges. This comes a month after adding a Cybersecurity vertical to its offerings.

Are you looking to join a winning public affairs team? Story Partners is hiring: bit.ly/stryprtnrs

Still looking for that perfect media job? @WashMOMMag and @WashBrideGroom EIC and @Washingtonian’s Fashion Editor @KateBennett_DC is searching for assistant fashion editor with the Washingtonian.

#BYE Should you see “Neighbors” this weekend? Ehhhhh; hike naked if that’s your thing; you may catch us kicking it here this weekend.