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Recess weeks can be a blissful break for a burned out staffer. Here’s how it usually goes.

Last day of votes before a recess week.

This is you.

This is you, inside.

Things are tense around the office.

Very tense.

Your boss is leaving. This is your face as you say, “Bye! Seeya! Later! Aloha!”

And while your boss stands in the front office, chatting about some mundane, last-minute matter, you silently pray they leave. Now.

Boss keeps talking and doesn’t leave. This is you.

Then, your boss wants to leave.

And this is you.

Boss closes the door.


This is you.

And this is you.

And this is you.

Then it’s Monday of recess week.

Your coworker brings in her dog. This is you.

Tuesday of recess week.

The rest of the world doesn’t realize it’s recess. Work comes in. This is you.

Wednesday of recess week.

Someone comes into the office asking for your card. This is you.

Your interns decide recess means wearing clubwear. This is your entire office.

Thursday of recess week.

It’s 3:00 when you realize you actually had work to do this week.

A coworker actually mentions out loud there’s work to do.

You try working, but it doesn’t go well.

You’re trying. Really trying.

Friday of recess week.

This is you after two cups of coffee.

This is you, by Friday afternoon.

Happy recess.