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#NATIONAL D-Day in photos; This 93 year old man is parachuting into Normandy again in full dress; And just one more D-Day story for you; Don’t make Kevin Spacey go all Frank Underwood on your ass; Will Obama wrestle a bear next?; Those curls are intimidating the world; And yet, …

Meet Joseph Kopser. Joseph is the CEO and co-founder of RideScout, a mobile application that helps users navigate cities more efficiently. After launching in Washington, DC in November 2013, RideScout is beginning to expand to other U.S. cities and has plans to make a big splash this spring. Joseph made some time to chat with FamousDC on how he plans on changing the way people travel.

Zone taxi fares may soon be a thing of the past in DC, but not if the cabbies have anything to do with it.  Mayor Fenty compromises on minimum fares and surcharges, too.