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Ok, FamousDC fans. Let’s figure out where thehotfile works. During the day she is a normal news producer, but once home she turns into….thehotfile.

The self-described “good liberal” is willing and ready to take on the “Double Talk Express.” She wants her 15 minutes, so let’s shine the FamousDC spotlight on thehotfile.


Yesterday at work I declared, “I canNOT read another blog, I’m all blogged out.” As a producer for a news program, I scour the web, newspapers and magazines for the latest political stories about the ‘08 campaign trail. And now that I’m formally complaining about that on a blog, I can’t help but feel somewhat guilty and like a bit of a brat…but still, I can’t deny that I had truly reached the end of the blogosphere. And after all the reports and analysis on gaffes, cheap shots, superdelegates, superduperdelegates, Bosnia, Bubba, Wright, wronged, Penn, pins, and a place called Hope, I thought, let me take a stab.