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We have no idea what’s going on here, but whatever it is, it’s awesome. [via WH Flickr] By The White House

These continue to get stranger. Note the “sweet sixteen” t-shirt that makes an appearance.

Was it a tornado, a dream or just what we’ve grown to realize is a normal natural occurrence for the DC area? [strange] A line of strong and severe thunderstorms formed and moved through the metro area around midnight last night downing trees, power lines and causing power outages. Straight …

Are we the only ones that find this awkward to watch?

In what’s likely the best dolphin show since Ron Bonjean’s days on the mic at the Milwaukee Aquarium, a group of dolphins in Japan have choreographed and performed a true-to-life reenactment of Michael Steele’s Chairmanship of the RNC. Personages: Dolphin # 1 (AKA, the Jumper): Michael Steele Dolphin #2: Haley Barbour Dolphin #3: John Boehner Dolphin …

For those of you who have an unhealthy obsession with Chuck Todd, click here.

Akers: Rep. Jefferson a Stickler on Courthouse Food Rules At the courthouse facing federal corruption charges, Bill Jefferson gets on an elevator and jokes with Susan Crabtree that she is breaking the rules with her snack inside. Molly Hooper asks Jefferson, “What are they going to do, indict us?”

Shipwreck, treasure, insider trading — an SEC tale

Kan. Police Chief Who Stole Beer Fired

Only in Texas Only in Ohio