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We have the best dates (or friend dates) ever lined up for you this weekend. Immerse yourself in comedy, music, embassies, brunch, DJ sets, guitar sets and more.

Good weather is finally here, and so is your weekend. If you’re not invited to any WHCD events, not to worry. There ARE other things happening in DC.

Admit it: you were a superstar this week. You deserve a drink and any or all of these weekend activities.

It’s been a chilly, wet week but it’s thawing out and warming up. Check out all the laid back goodness (and egg hunts) going on this weekend. Enjoy.

It has been 0 days without a shoe being thrown at Hillary Clinton #NATIONAL Obama nominates his Bro; NASA is building a flying saucer; Sebelius (and Seacrest) Out; #CancelColbert worked; Bacon prices rising; we want more more fake car noises in TV news; goodbye Ultimate Warrior; did you change all …

It’s peak time, people. If you’re not trying to avoid tourists at the Tidal Basin, maybe you should do one of these other things.

Do what you want to do. You’re an adult and this is your weekend. But we’ve got some killer suggestions that you will need.

It’s almost here. Conquer the winter by getting out in semi-spring weather this weekend. And no matter what you do, don’t say that four letter word, “S n _ w.”

#NATIONAL Where’s the damn plane?; Obama goes Between Two Ferns; Russia…okay; Pinkberry founder going to jail; Bill Gates says a robot will take yer job; the 1800s called and they’d like their diseases back; GET TO DA TANK; #DISTRICT 8 best Irish bars in DC to celebrate St. Patty’s; March 23 = Amsterdam Falafel opens; 18th Amendment …

We’re getting those good vibes from mother nature that this is winter’s last stand. We could not be more excited. While February isn’t over yet, it’s the weekend and we can’t wait for it to start. Here’s where we’re kicking it while daydreaming of spring.

We’re done with Winter. Please bring Spring weather, open Cantina Marina and let the Nationals start playing baseball.  #NATIONAL Comcast and Timewarner … uh ok; Official Hater’s Guide to the Olympics is worth a read; it’s House of Cards day y’all; enjoy your flowers and dinner; Facebook added 50 new genders; PA …

It’s Valentine’s Weekend, but it’s also President’s weekend and it’s also that weekend where there’s a bunch of snow sitting around. If you’re at a loss for what to do, we have you covered with hand-picked events below.

Recess might be officially over and all the kids are back in school, but that doesn’t mean the fun has to stop.

This weekend starts out fast and then takes it slow so hold on tight as we get ready for another swingin’ summer weekend in DC.

After this crazy week all we want is a lazy summer weekend. Lucky for you we have just the line up for you to wind down and enjoy the city.