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It has been 0 days without a shoe being thrown at Hillary Clinton

#NATIONAL Obama nominates his Bro; NASA is building a flying saucer; Sebelius (and Seacrest) Out; #CancelColbert worked; Bacon prices rising; we want more more fake car noises in TV news; goodbye Ultimate Warrior; did you change all your passwords from “1234” to “12345”?; Google Glass comes back around; one weird trick for unfriending; What the hell is sibling day; “Oops” – The Braves; Where’s our green jacket?; the case for haterade; Smartcar flippin’; Drake put on a beard and asked questions;

#DISTRICT Jim Carrey + Cookie Monster + Miss America = White House Egg Roll; DC’s temperature will reach 80 degrees Fahrenheit this Sunday; “It’s not a steakhouse,” José Andrés mutters under his breath; Hungry Lobbyist makes us hungry for ramen; already jilted by tourists? relax with cinemagraphs; When can we get invited to parties at these embassies?; Goodbye Remington’s and anywhere cool on PA Ave;

#WASHINGTONINSIDER Politics’ It Couple Alex Wagner and Sam Kass got the royal treatment at Oyamel; Really eager photographers were out at dawn to photograph cherry blossoms, and so were fitness enthusiasts chanting “f*ck yeah” across the basin; the IA is up for a Webby and their gala was a blast; we found Derek Kilmer on the Metro; Sarah Kliff had a great pun this week; FamousDC founder Josh Shultz gets a portrait in chalk; #nantucketreds; Abby looked fab while Miley was just being Miley; Brea MacIssaac hates Gantt charts; Mrs. Gress is coming to town;

#CONGRATS Applause for Matt Wolking on his move to the Speaker’s office; Sophie Pyle leaves InTheCapital to go back to her roots and projects; Judd Deere headed back to AR; Congrats to Sean and Kelly McMorrow on their not-anniversary; Adrianna McIntyre is Voxing for the summer; Congrats Doug Farrar!;

#MEDIAMOVES by Story Partners; Congrats to James Goldston for being named president of ABC News; Igor Bobic moves from TPM to the Huffington Post Politics team as an associate editor; Roberto Ferdman over at Quartz moves to Wonkblog to cover consumer biz, the economics of food, Latin American development and immigration; Todd Frankel joins WaPo biz staff as a writer on the new Jim Tankersley-led data/storytelling policy initiative; Story Partners adds Sam Pepi as director of digital communications and advertising and launches a sweet new website; WTTG is expanding its morning shows; Francesca Chambers moves from Red Alert to the Daily Mail to cover Congress AND the White House;

#BYE Tell your friends to GET ON THE LIST; We’ll brave the Tidal Basin this weekend, but just in case you won’t there’s  Pups in the Park, tea, Fabregé eggs, and a book festival.