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We’re done with Winter. Please bring Spring weather, open Cantina Marina and let the Nationals start playing baseball. 

#NATIONAL Comcast and Timewarner … uh ok; Official Hater’s Guide to the Olympics is worth a read; it’s House of Cards day y’all; enjoy your flowers and dinner; Facebook added 50 new genders; PA turnpike woah; omg giraffes we’re sorry; Google nerds out hard with their This American Life doodle; De La Soul music is super free today; BEETLEJUICE 2; Who is saying “Valentimes Day,” honestly?”; #THEDISTRICT Did you hear it snowed? Crazy huh?; Roofer’s Union in AdMo looks cool; Giant Marriott opening in May; Snowmen everywhere yesterday; #WASHINGTONINSIDER What people in this town (politicos, bloggers and chefs) really think about Valentine’s Day; Joel McHale is soup-ing up the White House Correspondents’ Dinner this year; Hillary’s got dat rhinoceros skin; Ask Matthew Continetti about a Golden Egg; bonjour; our favorite health policy and fed valentine’s tweets#CONGRATS Tell Cameron Coursen, Jennifer Voss and Lauren Culbertson congratulations on their new gigs with Story Partners;Washington Times grabs Steve Deace; Tara DiJulio is an even bigger deal as she moves to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee; Rebecca Rosen, Eleanor Barkhorn and Chris Heller all moving on up; Caitlin Dewey got a new WaPo blog and has an amazing email newsletter; Whitney Tipton headed to Clear Channel; The Hill gets David Webb; Congrats Mark Berman on the new WaPo blog!; Raul Ruiz and Monica Rivers; #BIRTHDAY Big birthday weekend: Jennifer Crider, Jeff Shockey, Ed Patru, Carli Beckett Simpson, Carrie Sheffield and Adam Sharp; #BYE see you where we’re going this weekend.