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Originally posted March 2, 2011. What’s old is new.

This is for Erica Elliott, Freddy Barnes & Jeff Ostermayer

Congratulations to Shea Snider, Freddy Barnes, Jessica Skinner, James Strozier, Jeff Ostermayer, Erica Elliot, Robert Gibbs and Cam Newton. The SEC stays undefeated in the BCS National Championship game and have now won 5 straight. And Auburn now trails in-state rival, Alabama, by only 11 National Championships. Photo courtesy of …

Sen. Claire McCaskill’s Missouri Tigers are playing Sen. Ben Nelson’s Nebraska Corn Huskers tonight and the office rivalry is heating up. The Hart Senate Office Building might as well be a freshman dorm. The rolling prank war between hallmates Sens. Claire McCaskill and Ben Nelson is back on, with McCaskill …