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Nothing says good morning like a cherry blossom bloom at sunrise. A veteran of our Through the Lens series, Jeremy Art captures another gorgeous scene in our nation’s capital.

While DC bid farewell to the cherry blossoms on this week, we received some lovely blossom photos from Charlotte Selmeyer, who reviewed: “The blooms and my allergies are insane this year!” Take a look through these beautiful photos and reminisce until next spring.

This photo by L. Schaull aka number7cloud will make you look twice. We loved this whimsical take on spring’s arrival combining two of DC’s favorite things: peeps and cherry blossoms.

Mike Lurie made a series of subtle cinemagraphs of familiar sights around Washington, DC. The slight movements and occasional person-free point of view is both haunting and calming. You’ll have to hone your Where’s Waldo skills to find what’s moving in at least one of these. Take a deep breath, …

Every year, as DC coasts to spring it also starts bursting at the seams with people. These people aren’t just tourists, they’re us, locals trying to enjoy the outside before it hits a scorching temperature near that of the surface of the sun. This year, we want  to make your annual it’s-so-nice-I-should-run jog around the mall or museum-with-mom trek a little more fun. Directions: Print this glorious list, grab a pencil and get people watching on the National Mall.

As April comes to a close we take a look back at our wonderful FamousDC Flickr Group. The photos in this group always make us appreciate living in DC and are the best part of many of posts. Go check it out, and feel free to submit your own images of the District.

Sunset last night from the Jefferson Memorial.  Visit Navin’s website.

For more of Angela’s images, check out her blog ( or follow her on twitter (@abpanphoto)

FamousDC would like to wish Angela a Happy Birthday and thank her for all the amazing shots of DC. For more of Angela’s images, check out her blog ( or follow her on twitter (@abpanphoto).